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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Graceful Marika

Graceful Marika

Tube of choice - I've used a new cutie from Marika, which can be purchased at CDO.  Please don't use without a license.
Scrap Kit - Memories of You - a free with purchase kit (for a limited time) store collab kit which you can find at the Spazz store.  This is my 2nd tutorial with this adorable kit!! The other is The Moments We Love.  
Template by S.Designs - FTU from Scraps from France
Mask - I've used Vix-Val2013Mask2
Font - for quote I used Pablo and Nelly Script Flourish (pay font)

Tutorial abbreviations:  
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = dropshadow
f/f = flood fill

1. Open template, duplicate and close original; r/s to 650x650.  Delete the photo & title page (titre) layers, as well ass Calque 19 - 14, 2 & 1. Add a new layer at the bottom and f/f with white. Add a new raster layer & select all. C/p KPK-P(1) & select none. Apply Vix mask, merge group.  Duplicate, flip and mirror.

2. Open Spazz elem(21) & r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer, duplicate - mirror.  Erase one of the ends of either fencepost layer to make the fence look cool. Rearrange and merge these together. Add d/s 6, 6, 22, 12.00

3. For each of these layers, use the s/sa/fl/defl technique and the suggested papers. My tube covered a few hexagons, so I moved those ones around.  Add a white border of 2 to each paper hexagon, then a d/s of 2, 2, 50, 5.00.
--Layer Calque 13 with KBK P(10).
--Layer Calque 11 & 4 with KBK P(15).
--Layer Calque 8 with p07.
--Layer Calque 6 with p01.
--Layer Calque 3 with Spazz P(7).
--Layer Calque 9 with Spazz P(8).

4. Use my tag as an example if you want to replicate my tag, or go your own way. :) To each layer unless otherwise noted, add a d/s of 3, 3, 50, 27.00

--Grab ele16----grass-----& c/p as a new layer above the fence layer. Duplicate, mirror and drop below the fence layer.
--Grab Spazz elem(52)----blue puff-----& c/p as a new layer above the fence layer.
--Grab Spazz ele33----tall flowers-----r/s 60% & c/p as a new layer above the fence layer, moving it to the far right, duplicate, mirror.
--Grab ele27 ----chair----& c/p as a new layer above the grass layer. Add d/s 6, 6, 25, 12.00
--Grab ele25 ---kite---- & r/s 60%, mirror.  C/p as a new layer adding the same d/s but on a new layer.
--Grab ele02 ---glitter---- & r/s 60%, mirror.  C/p as a new layer moving it towards the top.
--Grab ele26 ---laying daisy---- & r/s 50%, mirror.  C/p as a new layer moving it down and to the left.
--Grab ele30 ---glitter daisy---- & r/s 90%, c/p as a new layer moving it down so you see it under your tube layer.
--Grab Spazz ele(9) ---bird---- & r/s 20%, c/p as a new layer moving it up to sit in one of the hexagons. Add d/s of 4, 4, 25, 8.00

5. Finally, highlight your mask layer.  S,s/a,fl/defl. Take the close up of your tube and c/p as a new layer positioning it in a way that you can see it peeking through; invert and tap delete twice.  Select none, change blend mode to hard light and lower the opacity to 70.

6. I added the pretty quote using color #3f282e.  Resize now if desired, then add your name and artist's copyright information.  Delete white layer and save as a png.  

I hope you enjoyed this tut!!


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