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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Her Own Wings - BCA

::October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month::

You Will Need:

Tube - This beautifully gentle tube I've used is "Audrey" by Spazz.  You can find her in Spazz' store, please don't use without a license.  
Scrapkit - I've used an amazing kit by Drama Bomb Designs called "Angels Song".  I've got so many ideas swimming around in my head for it, and it's SO huge - 150 elements huge - you're sure to see it used again for a tut soon.  You can also purchase this kit at Spazz' store HERE. Right now it's on sale for just $1, which is a total steal for this quality and size kit!!
Mask - 414Insatiable Dreams mask, which you can find HERE, scroll down to Masks 11. (place into your masks folder)
Filter (optional) I use EyeCandy 3 drop shadow for all of my drop shadows.  I find it gives a cleaner, more realistic shadow. Feel free to use any type of shadow you'd prefer, but this tut is written using it.  Throughout this tut, the d/s color I used was #282626
Font - Simply Glamorous.  
Supply Zip - Includes the quoted pink ribbon in the tag, download it HERE.  Leave the ribbon off if you want to make a regular tag.

Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill

1. Open a new transparent image 700 x 700, f/f with white, add a new layer and select all. Open PP16, c/p into selection, select none. In Layers, find 414Insatiable Dreams mask and apply, merge group.

2. Open ele33 and r/s 90%, c/p as a new layer, add a d/s of 5, 10, 40. Open PP30, flip it and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer above the white bg layer. With your mover tool, move the paper down so the top is even with the top of the window frame. Use your selections tool set to rectangle to crop out the paper hanging out of the frame.

3. Open ele8 and r/s 60%. C/p dropping it below the frame layer, move it around towards the right side until it lines up and you can't see the edges, lower the opacity to 78. Open ele2 and r/s 75%. C/p and move them so they're above the piano layer, then duplicate. 

4. Highlight the frame layer once again.  Open ele64 and r/s 75%, c/p as a new layer and move to the top of the frame layer.  Tap on Adjust and use these brightness settings:

Add a d/s of 5, 10, 40.

5. Open your tube now and r/s as needed.  C/p it as a new layer moving it to the left side of your window frame.  Duplicate, add a Gaussian Blur of 5 and change the blend mode to screen, lowering the opacity to 68. Add a d/s of 5, 10, 25.

6. Open ele4 and r/s 75%.  C/p and move it down to the bottom of your tube and behind it, so it acts as the floor your tube is standing upon. The remainder of the elements we will place below this layer in your layers palette.

7. Now we're going to place the remainder of the elements.  All are pasted as new layers, and please refer to my tag for placement reference:::

:::Open ele17 and flip, c/p as a new layer moving it down so it's climbing up the right side of the frame.
:::Open ele44 and r/s 30% and sharpen. d/s of 4,12, 40. C/p it so it's hanging from the middle of the frame topper (ele64).
:::Open ele12 and r/s 40%.  C/p to the right side of the frame and below it. Add a d/s of 5, 10, 25.
:::Open ele30 (dove) and r/s 30%.  C/p it under the birdcage layer, moving it down to the right bottom corner of your frame, as if it's flying out of the cage.  Add a d/s of 5, 10, 25.
:::Open ele 11 and r/s 70%. Using your freeform selections tool, trace around the loose flower on the bottom and promote it to a layer, select none. C/p this flower to the bottom left side of your tag, so it peeks out from behind the floral 'floor'.
:::Open ele61 and r/s 20%. C/p it and place it on the right bottom corner of the frame, behind the birdcage.  Add a d/s of 5, 10, 25
:::Open ele84 and r/s 20%. C/p to right bottom corner of the frame, in front of the birdcage. Add a d/s of 5, 10, 25
:::Open ele 22 and r/s 35%. C/p and place it on the bottom center of the frame, and add a d/s of 5, 10, 25
:::Open ele15 and ele 24, r/s both 20% and nestle them with the other flowers.

8. If you do wish to make your tag for BCA, open the pink quoted ribbon I included for you in the zip file. C/p as a new layer to the top right corner of the window frame. Add a d/s of 4, 12, 40.

9. Add your name and artist's copyright information, delete the white background layer and r/s if desired.  Enjoy your stunning new tag, and thanks for doing my tutorial.


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