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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PTU tut - Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlej....

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlej.....
(don't say it 3 times!!!)

Tube - I've used this fun & quirky closeup tube "Beetlejuice" by Andy Cooper which can be purchased at S&Co HERE.  Please don't use without a license.  It comes with a full body tube as well.
Scrap Kit - The matching kit I used is called "Spooker", and is by Designs by Joan which can also be found HERE in S&Co.  I used a tenth of the spooky and unique elements in the kit in this tut, and it's on sale right now!! 
Filters - (Optional) I always use Eye Candy's drop shadow, so that is what this tut is written with.
Mask - My SquirrelyMask11 can be found HERE. Please put it into your masks folder. 
Font - Emily Austin which can be found HERE 
Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
For this tut I've used a d/s of 4, 10, opacity of 35 throughout, unless otherwise noted.
Refer to my tag for placement of elements.

1. Open a new image 650 X 630, f/f with white, select all and add a new layer.  Open Paper4 and c/p into selection, select none.  Apply the SquirrelyMask11 and merge group.
2. Open EL52 and c/p as a new layer, moving it a bit to left.
3. Open EL82 and r/s 72%.  C/p as new layer, drop it below the crypt layer in your palette and move it down a bit.
4. Open EL8 and r/s 75%.  C/p as a new layer dropping below your fence layer in your layer palette, and moving it to the right.
5. Highlight your crypt layer. Open EL84 - c/p as a new layer moving it in front of the crypt about in the middle of it.  Now open EL18 - r/s 60% and c/p as a new layer placing these also in front of the tomb.
6. Open EL22 and r/s to 625 width, c/p as a new layer.  Open EL55 and r/s this to a 635 width and c/p as a new layer moving it to the base of the trees, just covering the rocks.  Duplicate it and mirror, and move under the first dirt layer.
7. Open EL63  and r/s 75%.  C/p as a new layer and move to left front of your tag, even with the fence line.
8. Open EL49 and r/s 50% and then 25%, flip it and c/p as a new layer moving to the right, in front of the tree line.  Use your mover tool to rotate it a bit so it's leaning against the tree and sharpen it. Drop it below the candles in your layer palette.
9.  Open your tube closeup and r/s 50% and then again, 25%. C/p as a new layer and drop below the candle layer, add a d/s of 4, 10, 52. Using your freeform selections tool, point to point with a feather of 10, trace loosely around the bottom of your tube.  Tap delete once and select none. Now it appears she's coming out of the ground.
10. For the final touches, open EL43 and r/s 70%.  C/p as a new layer, with your mover tool, move it down a bit so the mist is lingering on the dirt in front of your tube.  Open EL110 (stars)and c/p as a new layer moving them up towards your sky.
11. Add your name with black, and give it a white no blur d/s of 2, 0, 90.  Add your artist's © and enjoy your new fun tag!!


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