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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sometimes You Gotta Be A Player - new PTU tut

Tube - I've used Spazz' sexy ball player "Jackie", which can be found at the Spazz store HERE. Please don't use without a license.
Scrap Kit - I've used a fun, sports themed kit by Whispers in the Wind called "Ginger", which can also be found at the Spazz store HERE
Template - I created this template for this tut, download it HERE.
Masks - MPM_mask25 and MPM_mask82; you can d/l both at Millie's PSP Madness HERE
Filters - Xero Radiance and EyeCandy3.1 drop shadow (optional, but it's how I make all my d/s in my tuts)
Font - Angelina 
Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill

:::NOTE - Throughout this tut I used EyeCandy dropshadow of 5, 10, 30, except where noted.:::

1. Open my included template, delete layers 6, 7 and the credits, we'll resize layer.  On layer 1, s/sa/fl/defl and invert.  Open Paper 1, c/p as a new layer and tap delete, select none. Delete layer 1.

2. Highlight layer 2 in your palette, and open El6; r/s 65%. C/p as a new layer. Using your pick tool, rotate El6 so it more or less lines up with layer 2 and the bottom aligns with the word "Player". Delete layer 2.

3. Highlight layer 4 and s/sa/fl/defl. Open your closeup tube and c/p as a new layer positioning her face inside the football, Selections invert and delete.  If using a Spazz tube (which are very large), r/s the tube to 1300 in height to get the right size for your closeup. Select none. Apply Xero Radiance with default settings to your closeup tube.  Highlight the football (layer 4) and apply Penta jeans with the following settings:

4. Highlight layer 5 and change the brightness level to 255 to turn it white, then s/sa/fl/defl and lower the opacity to 50.  R/s your tube to be 400 pixels tall and c/p as a new layer positioning it so it fits in as best it can to layer 5.  Invert and delete the excess tube.  Drop this layer below layer 5 and select none.  Duplicate tube layer and mirror, merge these layers and change the blend mode to overlay.

5. Highlight layer 3 in your palette and open paper 5. Colorize and change the hue to 15 and the saturation to 149. R/s 40% and c/p as a new layer.  Using your pick tool, rotate the paper until it lines up pretty well with layer 2, and then delete layer 2.

6. Highlight layer 9 and change to a color that matches your tube - I used #dbcfc4.  Repeat this on layers 13, 12, and 11 and drop those 3 layers to bottom of layer 8.

7. Open your main tube and r/s as desired. Highlight layer 9 again and c/p your tube, moving it to the left so the bottom of her legs touch the bottom of layer 9.

8. Now we're ready to decorate so refer to my tag as you go along.  Highlight layer 5 and ....

:::: Open El10 and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer moving it to the right and resting the bottom on the bottom of the football.  Add a d/s of 5, 15, 35.
:::: Open El14 and r/s 20%. C/p as a new layer tucking it in between the A and the Y of the word Player.
:::: Open El18 and r/s 15%. C/p as a new layer dropping it under the stop watch and to the upper left of it.
:::: Open El25 and r/s 40%. C/p as a new layer and move it over to the flagpole. 
:::: Open El59 and r/s 25%. C/p as a new layer moving it also to the flagpole (be sure you don't cover your closeup tube's face). Position the charm so it's hanging under this bow.
:::: Open El36 and El35, r/s El35 90% and colorize by changing the hue to 15 and the saturation to 141. C/p onto El36 and r/s (all layers checked) 25%. Add the d/s to both layers. Open El50 and r/s 80% and c/p onto the flowers tube centering it.  Merge visible.  Now c/p the flowers onto your tag, r/s it one more time 80%, and move it to the far right.  Duplicate it and move this layer to far left and place it half under layer 8.
:::: Open El38 and r/s 75%, rotate left. C/p as a new layer just below your main tube layer and move down.
:::: Open El63 and c/p as a new layer, move to the far right and above layer 10.
:::: Open El74 and r/s 75%. C/p as a new layer and place behind your tube. Rotate it a bit using your pick tool.

9. Hide the background layer and merge visible.  R/s (all layers UNchecked) 90% and unhide the BG layer and highlight it.  Add a new raster layer and select all.  Open Paper 6, c/p into selection, select none. Apply MPM_mask82 to this layer, merge group.  Add a new raster layer and f/f with a color from your tag (I used #9c542d).  Apply MPM_mask25 and merge group.  Delete the white bg layer and merge visible, crop now if desired.

10. Add your name and your artist's © info, and enjoy your new sporty tag!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and would love to know what you
think of it in the comments below.


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