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Monday, October 6, 2014

Wicked Halloween tut - Urban Nightmare

Urban Nightmare

::Tube of choice - I've used a great Halloween/Goth tube by Spazz called "Ashley" which you can find at her store.  Please don't use without a license.
::Scrapkit - 'SkullsNRoses' by Kizzed by Kelz is such a fun Gothic kit that was designed with the Ashley tube in mind.  Below this tut is another tag I made with the kit so you can see more of what's in it.
::Mask - My own SquirrelyMask10 which can be found HERE.
::Animations - Simone at Scrappy Bit of Fun  made the ones I've used. They are SimoneAni80 - TheBlingSeries-010 & SimoneAni307.
::Filters - Eye Candy3.1 Glow and Drop Shadow - other versions may have these but I use the oldie ;). HERE is a safe download site to get it if you don't have it.
::Font - Zombified
Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
AS = Animation Shop
PP = paper    ele = element
1. Open a new transparent image, 700x700 and f/f with white (we'll resize and crop later on). Open PP10  and r/s 75% - duplicate and move to the right, freeform selections tool to crop, merge down. 

2. Open ele116 and r/s 70%, c/p as a new layer and move slightly to the right, add a d/s of 7, blur 9, opacity 75. Open ele56 and r/s 60% and drop it below the stair layer. Position it at the top of the stairs.  Open ele60 and r/s 80% and c/p below the door layer in your layers palette. Move to one side to the door, duplicate and move this layer to the other side of the door. Move them down equally so their bottoms are aligned with the bottom of the stairs. Repeat the d/s Now open ele20, r/s 50% and c/p the as the top layer.  Move them so that the skulls are on either side of the door. Add a d/s of 10, 12, 75.

3. Open ele115 and r/s 60%. C/p as a new layer moving it down and to the left of the stairs on the bottom.  Let the skulls overlap the stair a bit.  Open ele27 and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer moving it to the far left side and drop below the skulls layer in your layers palette and add a d/s of 7, blur 9, opacity 75.

4. Open ele52 and r/s 25%. C/p as a new layer moving it to the bottom right side of the stairs. Open ele3 and r/s 40%. C/p as a new layer moving it to left of the left sided column (reference my tag).  Open ele119 and c/p as a new layer near the top and to the left of the door.  Drop this in your layers palette to just above your brick wall layer, add a heavy d/s. 

5. Open ele 50 and r/s 50%.  C/p as a new layer and move it to the middle of the barbed roses and drop it below in your palette.  Use EyeCandy glow of 2, 100, fat and color #9d9d9d. Go to Adjust and unsharp mask with the following settings: 

---Add the same heavy d/s 

6. Open ele90 (skulls chain rope) r/s 70% - use pick tool to make left side smaller by moving the left side nodes together:

---Sharpen with unsharp mask on default settings and repeat the d/s.

7. To make the sidewalk, highlight your white BG layer and add a new layer, select all. Open PP8 and c/p into selection, select none.  With your pick tool grab the middle node at the top and pull that down until it almost reaches the bottom step on the stairs. Pull the sides in with the side middle nodes so it's even with the brick paper, and change to your mover tool.  Using your freeform selection tool cut out the little bit of brick showing at the foot of the stairs. Merge the sidewalk layer down with the brick layer. In Masks, find the SquirrelyMask9 and apply it to this combined layer and merge group. 

8. Open your main tube and r/s as needed. C/p as a new layer placing her to the left of the ornament on the wall (ele3). Be sure you can see the TWISTED element above her head. Duplicate, Gaussian blur of 5 and change the blend mode to soft light. Add a d/s of 2, 12, 50 to the main tube layer.

9. Now open your closeup tube and r/s as needed. On the door layer, s/sa/fl/defl and then c/p your closeup tube so her face is centered on the door.  Invert and tap delete, select none, and then change the blend mode of the closeup to screen. Open ele58 and r/s 40%, c/p as a new layer and move it directly over your closeup tube on the door.  Change the blend mode to hard light. Lline up with the eyes of the skull with the eyes of your closeup tube.

10. Open ele 113 and c/p as a new layer above the brick/sidewalk masked layer.  Move it over towards the left until it just covers all of the brick layer, and up high enough so you don't see it under the stairs.  Lower the opacity to 69.

11. R/s your tag - all layers checked - to your liking.  Add your artist's © info. Type out your name with color #582754, covert to raster.  Add an EC Glow of 2, fat, opacity 100, color #3adf3a and add your heavy d/s to it.

:::::Ready for Animation:::::

12. Open Animation Shop.  Back in PSP we're going to be working with the close up tube layer and the skull layer.  Lower the opacity of the skull layer to 0, Edit and copy merged.  Move to AS and paste as a new animation.
---Back to PSP, change the opacity of the skull to 10 and the closeup tube to 90, copy merged.  Move to AS and paste after current selection.
---Back to PSP, change the opacity of the skull to 20 and the closeup tube to 80, copy merged.  Move to AS and paste after current selection.
Continue in this fashion until the tube's opacity is 0, the skull is 100, and you should have 10 layers in AS.

13. Stay in AS now. We need to have 20 frames in our tag, so tap Shift & D to duplicate the tag. On this one select all again, then Animation and reverse frames.  Edit and copy.  Move to frame 10 of your original tag and tap it to highlight it.  Edit, paste after selection, and you should now have 20 frames.  Select all once again, change the frame properties to 20. Run it to be sure it runs well. 

14. Open both the SimoneAni80 - TheBlingSeries-010 & SimoneAni307. Delete the first frame of each of these animations so they each now have 20 frames.

15. Working with Ani307, Select all and copy, move to your tag & select all and paste into selected frame. Keeping your finger on your mouse, move the candle flame to one of the purple candles on the stairs and let it go on the wick.  Repeat this step for each of the other candles until all 3 of them are 'lit'.

16. Grab the bling animation, Select all and copy, move to your tag & select all and paste into selected frame. Keeping your finger on your mouse, move the sparkles to be around the face/skull combo on the door and let go.

17. Run your animation, marvel at your talents and enjoy your new spooky tag!!
Here is another tag I made with  'SkullsNRoses's by Kizzed by Kelz.  
I told you it was an awesome kit!!


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