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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sexy Santa Baby - a PTU tut

Tube - I've used a tube by Spazz of the eternally beautiful "Marilyn" which can be bought in the Spazz store HERE, please don't use without a license.  
Scrap Kit - A holiday kit perfect to turn this tube into a holiday one, "Sexy Santa" by Kizzed by Kelz, which also can be found in Spazz store HERE  
Mask - my own SquirrelyMask09 which can be found HERE   
Filter - (optional) 3D shadow in Eye Candy 3.1 - I've used it in this tut for all the drop shadows.
Font - I've used Good Vibrations Rob, a pay font
Supplies - my lyrics wordart HERE 

Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
Throughout the tut I used EyeCandy dropshadow of distance 5, blur 10, opacity 30 with color #000000, except where noted.

1. Open a new image 700 x 700 and f/f with white, we'll crop and r/s later.  Add a new layer and select all.  Open paper 14 and c/p it into selection, select none.  Under Layers - masks -  find SquirrelyMask09 and apply, merge group. 

2. Open ele12 and c/p as a new layer.  Using your magic wand, tap inside of the frame, modify your selection by expanding by 4 and then add a new layer.  Open paper8 and c/p into selection, select none.  Move this layer below the frame and add your d/s to the frame.  Open ele8, r/s 75% and c/p just above the paper8 layer.

3. Open your tube now and r/s accordingly (if using Marilyn, I r/s'ed 50% twice).  C/p the tube as a new layer and position her so she's sitting on the bottom of the frame on the left side, you may have to move the frame a bit to achieve this. Duplicate your tube and add a Gaussian Blur of 5 to this layer, then change the blend mode to soft light. Open ele2 and r/s 50% and sharpen twice. C/p as a new layer above the frame layer in your palette, and "hang" them from the top of the frame. Add a d/s of 10, 10, 33 to the balls, and 5, 10, 33 to your tube.

4. Open elements 4 & 31 and r/s each 65%, c/p the sleigh as a new layer moving it to the bottom right of the frame layer and add a d/s of 8, 10, 33. Position the cat in front of the sleigh on the right side of it, add the regular d/s.  Open elements 85 & 101 and r/s each 20%.  C/p each of them into the sleigh.  Grab your freeform selection tool and trace around the hanging good ribbon like so:

Promote this to a new layer and hide it.  Lower the opacity of the two gifts so you can see through them, and trace around the front rim of the sleigh:

Once done, delete the bottoms of the gifts so they appear to be in the sled, select none.  Add your d/s's and unhide the promoted piece of bow.

5. Open ele51 and r/s 35%.  C/p as a new layer to the far right of the frame, below the sleigh layer.  Open ele30, r/s 25%, c/p as a new layer and "sit" it inside of the vase.  Open ele10 and r/s 35%, c/p as a new layer and move under the vase layer, again, so they appear to be coming out of the vase.  Add d/s to both these layers.

6. Now we'll add some extra elements:
:::Open ele 53, r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer to the left side of the frame above your tube layer in your layer palette.  Add a d/s of 10, 10, 33.
:::Open ele20, r/s 25% & free rotate 90 degrees right, mirror.  "Hang" this ele from the top left side of the frame covering the staple from the hanging Christmas balls, add d/s
:::Open ele8 and r/s 25%, c/p as a new layer to the midde of the frame.  Add d/s of 10, 10, 33.
:::Highlight the frame layer and open ele39, c/p as a new layer.
:::Open ele 66 and r/s 75%, c/p as a new layer moving to the far right of the frame.
:::Highlight your tube layer and open ele40, r/s 25%. C/p as a new layer and move to the far right so it peeks out from behind the cat.
:::Open ele115 and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer and move it above the frame layer and add your d/s.

7. Crop and r/s as desired.  Add your artist's copyright and your name, and merge visible.  Save as a png. file and that's it!  Enjoy your new Holiday tag!!


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