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Friday, December 26, 2014

New Year's Swagger

Tube - I've used Spazz' ridiculously cute tube "Ace", who happens to look just like my dog.  You can purchase Ace HERE, please don't use without a license.
Scrap Kit - New Years Delight by Kissing Kate which can also be found in Spazz Store HERE 
>>>Spazz store is having a CRAZY sale at this writing, so you can pick these up for song<<<

Template - Kristin Toxic Desires Template 265 (Oct 25, 2014 post) 
Mask - Vix-MondayMask1 - put into your masks folder.
Filters - Eye Candy 3.1 Glow, Perspective and Drop Shadows
Font - Everything Holiday    

Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
Unless otherwise directed, add an EyeCandy drop shadow of
distance 3, blur 6, opacity 32 with color #000000.

1. Open up Kristin's template and duplicate, then close the original. R/s the template to 700 wide, then change the canvas size to 700 x 700 so we have room to work.  You can crop and r/s it again later.  Delete the credits layer and add a white background layer at the bottom of your layer palette. Add a new layer and f/f with a color from your tube (I used #484641). Under Layers find Vix-MondayMask1 and apply, merge group, duplicate and mirror.

2. Highlight raster 2 in your layers palette, s/sa/fl/defl. Open paper 4 and r/s 50%, c/p as a new layer and move it over the marching ants area, invert, delete and select none.  Duplicate, mirror and flip and move this layer above the copy of raster 2 layer.  Merge down and delete original layers. 
::::Highlight raster 10 and repeat this step again using paper 3 this time.
::::Highlight raster 3 and repeat this step again using paper 8.

3. Highlight raster 8, s/sa/fl/defl. Open paper 6 and r/s 75%. C/p as a new layer, invert and tap delete.  Select none.

4. Open paper 2 and r/s 50%. Right click on this layer in your layer palette and click promote background layer.  Move back to your paper and free rotate it 14 to the right.  C/p this paper and move it over the copy of raster 7 layer. On the copy layer, s/sa/fl/defl and invert, tap delete. Duplicate the paper and move it up manually over the raster 7 layer.

5. Open element7 and r/s it 50% and then 25%. C/p it as a new layer and cover up raster 9 with it. Duplicate it and move this one down to cover up the copy of raster 9.

6. Highlight raster 5 and s/sa/fl/defl, add a new layer. Open element 39 and c/p this into the selection, select none.  Adjust, sharpnes and unsharp mask with the following settings:

7. Open your tube now and if using the same as me, choose Ace with the hat.  R/s as needed and c/p as a new layer at the top of your layer palette.  Use your target brush with color #5dc3ba, and run it over Ace's hat to make it match the blue in the kit a bit better. Add a perspective shadow to Ace with these settings:

8. Open element 5 and r/s 60% twice. C/p as a new layer above Ace's layer and position it so that it sits on his mouth.  Grab your freeform selections tool set to point to point with a feather of 6, and trace around the tip of element 5 and across the black part of Ace's mouth

Once selected, highlight Ace and promote the selection to layer, deselect.  Move the promoted selection above the element 5 layer, and it looks as if Ace is holding it in his mouth.

9.  Now let's place some elements and let this pup par-tay!...
:::Open element 15 and c/p above raster 4 and move it up a bit with your mover tool.
:::Open element 13 and r/s 66%,  Move it to the right, duplicate, mirror. No d/s
:::Open elem 8, r/s 60%. C/p as a new layer and move to the far right and down a bit, duplicate and mirror, merge down.  Add a heavier d/s to this layer of 7, 7, 50.
:::Open element 21 and c/p as a new layer.  Repeat the heavy d/s.
:::Open element 26 and r/s 50% twice. C/p as a new layer and move it down in your palette to just above the tilted paper layer.
:::Open elements 38 and 44 and c/p as a new layer, moving them down in your layer palette to just above the white bg layer. No d/s on these layers.
:::Open element 65 and r/s 50% and then 25%. C/p as a new layer tucking it under the disco ball on the right side. Use your pick tool to tilt it a bit.
:::Open elements 17 & 18, r/s each 50% and c/p around the tag.  Add a d/s of 10, 10, 50 to each
:::Open element 20 and r/s 75%. C/p as a new layer at the top of your layer palette.  Add an Eye Candy glow with these settings:

10. Crop and/or r/s as desired, add your artist's © information and your name, and save as a png file.

And of course I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and SAFE New Year!!


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