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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snowflakes on your Tongue - a ptu tut

Tube - I've used a sweet-as-sugar tube by Danny Lee called "Polar Bear" which can be purchased at S&Co HERE. Please don't use Danny's tubes without a license.
Scrap Kit - FW Tags' kit "Winter Garden" is the perfect winter kit because it has everything snow related in it that you could think of, I loved working with it.  You can find this too at S&Co. HERE (and it's on sale right now!!)  
Template - I've used Brutal Designs Valentine Template 3 which you can find on her blog HERE 
Mask - Mythical Designs MD_maskgrunge1 which can be find on Creative Misfit Creations blog, 11/14 post HERE and Mask_14-22 (in Mask Set 5) which can be found HERE on her blog in set 5
Filters - Eye Candy 3.1 Drop Shadow & Xero Porcelain.
Font - I've used 'Cute Love' HERE  
Supply Zip - includes wordart and snow.

Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
A/S = animation shop
Unless otherwise directed, add an EyeCandy drop shadow of 
direction 225, distance 5, blur 5, opacity 30 with color #000000.

1. Open the template, duplicate and close the original.  Delete raster layers 16, 13, 12, 11 & 9. F/f raster 1 with white, add a new layer and f/s this layer with #9eb7c3 for a winter sky.  Go to layers and find MD_maskgrunge1 and apply, merge group.

2. Highlight raster 14 in your layer palette. S/sa/fl/def/ and c/p paper6 as a new layer.  Center the olive green center inside the marching ants, invert and delete. Do not de-select, but invert again and add a new layer.  C/p element 2 into selection on the new layer, add d/s of 2, 2, 64. Unsharp mask with these settings:

Repeat these same steps with raster 15. Then delete the original layers.

3. Highlight raster 10 and open element 5, r/s it 40% and c/p as a new layer, moving it over until it covers raster 10, and then delete 10.  Duplicate the snowflake and r/s 50%, mirror and invert. You'll have to close a few layers to find it, but when you do move it over to cover the copy of raster 10, then delete the copy.  Add d/s to both flakes.

4. Highlight raster 6 & s/sa/fl/defl. Open paper 4 and r/s 75%, c/p so the blue part of the paper is in the marching ants, invert and delete, select none.  On the copy of raster 6, repeat these steps except use the white part of paper4.  Add d/s to both layers.

5. Highlight raster 7 and, change the hue/saturation to a color from your tube  (I used hue 15 and sat 162). Repeat on the copy of raster 7, merge down, add d/s.  Repeat this with raster 8.

6. Highlight raster 4, s/sa/fl/defl/. Open paper1 and c/p as a new layer, invert & delete.  Invert again & expand by 20, add a new layer and c/p frame 2 into the selection, select none.  Repeat this same step with raster 5 and frame 1.  Add d/s to both frames. Open element 7 and r/s 25%. C/p it as a new layer on the ring you colorized above frame 1, making it so the branch reaches across the top (reference my tag). To the bird, add a d/s 5, 10, 30.

7. Highlight raster 2, s/sa/fl/defl, c/p paper3 into selection, invert delete and select none. Repeat on copy of raster 2, but after you delete the paper, invert again and add a new layer. Open your closeup tube, cropping & r/s'ing as needed, then c/p it into selection, invert and delete and invert again.  Modify by expanding this too by 20 and adding a new layer. Open frame 4 and c/p into the selection and select none. Change blend mode of the tube layer to luminance legacy and apply Xero Porcelain with default settings.

8. Highlight raster 3 and go to Adjust, brightness and contrast and move the brightness down to -255.  Open element24 (house) r/s 40%, then c/p onto raster 3 moving it to the right side, add d/s.  Open your main tube and r/s if needed. C/p as a new layer and leave it in the center where it lands, duplicate and add a Gaussian Blur of 5 to the tube, change the blend mode to soft light.  On the original tube layer add a d/s in both directions so she stands out well.  

9. Now let's decorate a bit - 
::::Open element 33 and r/s 80%, apply mask MD_maskgrunge1 to this layer but with 'fit to canvas' checked. Before you merge it, r/s the mask layer by 110% and then merge group, no d/s on this layer.
::::Open element12 and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer moving it down a bit below the bushes, no d/s on this layer.
::::Open element 38 and r/s 40%, c/p it and move to the left of the rocks
::::Open element13 and r/s 25%, c/p it below the trees layer in your layers palette. Move a bit to the right so it appears to be leading up to the front door of the house.
::::Open element16 and r/s it 50%. C/p it below the house layer on the right side.  Duplicate and mirror, move this one down a bit on your tag.
::::Open element37 and r/s 25% - c/p as a new layer under the rock layer and move it all the way to the right.
::::Open element 20 and r/s 75% and c/p as a new layer just below your main tube layer and move it over to the right a bit so you don't cover up the close-up face.
::::Open the included text I made for this tut, and c/p as a new layer moving it down so both ends are pretty even with your tubes feet.

If you don't want to animate your tag, crop and/or r/s as needed, add your artist's copyright information and your name, delete the white bg and you're done!

::::::TO ANIMATE::::::

10. Add your artist's © info and your name to the tag, merge all.  Open A/S and find the included snow file.  Select all on the snow file, and go to Animations and resize the snow to the size of your tag.

11. Back in psp, copy your tag, in A/S paste as a new animation.  Duplicate the frames by pressing ctrl L on your keyboard until you have 5 - the same as the snow.  On the snow, select all and copy.  Move to the tag, select all and paste into selected frame.  Save your tag as a gif file.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and your new winter-y tag!!


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