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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Invincible - an animated, ptu tut

Tube - I've used Danny Lee's new tube "Invincible Woman" which can be found at S&Co HERE. Please don't use without a license.  
Scrap Kit - I've used a cutie "Super Hero Girl", by Ginnibug Designz which you can also find at S&Co HERE.
Mask - My own SquirrelyMask19 which you can find HERE
Filters - Eye Candy 3.1 Drop Shadow & Glow
Animation - You can download the one I used HERE on Lovey's old blog.  It's called "Power Blue" 

Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
AS = Animation Shop
Unless otherwise directed, add an black glow of 3 to every element, and an EyeCandy drop shadow of direction 310, distance 5, blur 10, opacity 34 with color #000000 throughout.

1. Open a new image 800 x 800 and f/f with white, we can crop and r/s later. Open shgp11 and c/p as a new layer. Apply the SquirrelyMask19 to this layer, merge group.  R/s this layer 95% (all layers unchecked) and duplicate, merge down. Open shg67 and c/p as a new layer.  Move this to the left and up a bit, don't add a glow to this element.  Open up shg61 and r/s 75%. C/p as a new layer and move this up & closer to the right side of the tag.. 

2. Open your close up tube and c/p as a new layer. If your tube is facing the right, move it to the right side of the city; if facing left, move it to the left side.  Duplicate it and mirror, and change the blend mode of both to screen.  Now reposition them on the city so they're clear to see on each side.  On the city layer, s/sa/fl/defl, invert, move to each close up face layer and tap delete, select none. Merge the faces with the city.

3. Open shg80 and r/s 50%, c/p as a new layer moving it down and to the right.  Open shg49 and r/s 50%, c/p moving them to the right until they're on the crates. Change the blend mode to luminance legacy and don't add a glow or d/s. Open shg51 and r/s 25%, c/p as a new layer moving onto the bottom of the crates.  I wanted this to look more like a blood spatter, so I changed the hue and saturation to 255 and didn't add a glow here either. Finally, open shg14 and r/s 65%. C/p this so it's on the crates.

4. Highlight the merged city layer. Open shg6 and r/s 65%, c/p as a new layer moving it to the left side of the city. Using your pick tool and while holding down the CTRL key, grab the upper left sided node & pull it up to add the perspective look to this element.  When done, open shg78 and r/s it 50%. C/p as a new layer moving it down so it's between the phone booth and the crates.  

5. Open shg8 and c/p as a new layer. Position it so that the right upper netting is "hooked onto" the top of the city.  Open shg4 and c/p as a new layer moving it to cover this area. Open shg59 and r/s 40%, c/p and use this to cover the left upper side of the net. For the glow on this element, use color #ecd000. Using white, type in "WoW" and add a d/s of 5, 5, 75 to it.  

6. Open shg55 and r/s 50%, c/p it under the crate layer and place it between the crates and the phone booth, no glow.  Open shg71 and c/p it and move it to behind the crates.  Right click on these lyrics and save to your computer if you'd like to add them:

C/p the lyrics at the top of your layer palette, change the blend mode to luminance legacy and lower the opacity to 69.

7. Open your main tube and r/s as needed.  C/p it as a new layer and leave it in the center of your tag, add the glow and d/s. Crop and/or r/s as needed, add your artist's copyright information and your name, and now you're ready to animate your tag.

To animate:

8. Open Animation Shop, and open the "power blue" animation.  Lovey's watermark is on frame 16 so delete that, and also delete frame 1 because that has nothing on it to guide you for placement and will confuse matters.  You now have 14 frames.

9. Back in PSP, hide your main tube, name and artist's copyright layers.  Highlight a layer that's not hidden and copy merged.  Go to Animation Shop and paste as a new animation. Tapping CTRL and L, duplicate the frames until you have 14.  We'll call this our background tag.

10. Back in PSP again, go to Layers - View - Invert, copy merged again and move to AS and paste as a new animation.  Repeat step 9 to have 14 frames.

11. Staying in AS now, on Lovey's animation select all and copy.  Move to your background tag, select all and paste into selected frames.  Look for the blue of the animation and put that right in the center of the tag, play the animation to be sure it's placed right.  If not, arrow undo and repeat it until you've got it centered.  Once it is, move to your tube/name animation and select all and copy.  Back to your background tag and paste into selected frame, placing your tube in the center.  

12. Play your animation to be sure it's as you want it, save as a gif. file and enjoy your new fun tag!!


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