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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oh! Stefan

Tube - I've used a sexy new tube from a series by The Hunter, based on the TV series The Vampire Diaries.  This is Stefan, and you can purchase him at S&Co HERE.  There are 4 other gorgeous tubes in Hunter's VD series.
Scrap Kit - I've used the perfect Vampire kit inspired by these tubes by Bibi appropriately named "Vampire Diaries", which you can also find at S&Co HERE.
Mask -    WSL_Mask223 from the WeeScottishLass HERE. Please put it in your Masks folder
Filters - Eye Candy 3.1 Drop Shadow
Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
Unless otherwise directed, add an EyeCandy drop shadow of direction 226, distance 10, blur 13, opacity 34 with color #000000.  DO NOT add any d/s on this tag until you place your main tube in step 4.

1. Open a new image 700 x 700 and f/f with white, we can crop and r/s later.  Add a new layer, s/sa/fl/defl and c/p PP 20 into selection. Lower the opacity to 75.

2. Open elem 37 and r/s 65%.  C/p as a new layer moving slightly up and to the left. Open elem 67 and r/s 35%, c/p as a new layer moving to the right of the house and a little above them. Open elem 21 & r/s 50%, c/p as a new layer and move it below the house in your layer palette and behind them on your tag.  Duplicate, mirror and move this line of trees a bit to the left and down.  Erase any part of the trees that hang below the house.  Open elem 14 and r/s 55%, mirror. C/p as a new layer above the house in your palette, change the blend mode to luminance legacy.

3. Open elem 75 and r/s 75%.  C/p as a new layer just above your mask layer. Change the blend mode to overlay. Do the same to both tree line layers and the houses. Grab your freeform selection tool and on the walkway layer, trace around the pieces of brick that are visible through the house now that you've changed the blend mode, tap delete, select none.

Merge all of your layers together now, including the white background.  Add a new layer and f/f it with white, drop it below your merged layer. Back on your merged layer, locate and apply the WSL_Mask223 mask and before you merge it, r/s it 106%.  Merge group. 

4. Open elem 72 and r/s 60%.  C/p it positioning it at the bottom edge of your mask layer, duplicate and merge down.  Open your tube now and r/s as needed.  C/p it as a new layer positioning him so he's standing on this sand towards the right side.  Duplicate your tube and add a Gaussian Blur of 6, change the blend mode to overlay.  Add your d/s to the original tube layer. 

5. Now we'll decorate the tag with all of these neat elements:
:::Open elem 146, c/p it above the mask layer and move the top of it so it starts just where the white bg layer starts.
:::Open elem 46 and r/s 70%. C/p as a new layer and mirror. Move it to the far left side overlapping the edge of the mask a bit.  Highlight the mask layer, s/sa/fl/defl and invert. Move to the ghost layer and tap delete, select none. Change the blend mode to hard light.
:::Open elem 39 and r/s 70% & mirror. C/p as a new layer moving it on top of the lightening.
:::Open elem 117 and r/s it 50%. C/p and move it to the left so it doesn't overlap the sand layer.
:::Open elem 7 and r/s 50%. C/p it to the front left side of the coffin, positioned so it appears buried in the sand.
:::Open elem 12 and r/s 25%. C/p as a new layer and r/s again 25%. Position it on the top left side of the coffin.
:::Open elem 57 and r/s 75%. C/p it below the coffin layer and moving it to the far left.
:::Open elem 54 and r/s 25%. C/p it moving it to the front of the coffin and down in the sand a bit.  Duplicate and r/s 90%, move to the right of the first candle.
:::Open elem 65 and r/s 50% twice. C/p moving it so it sits in the side on the far left side of the coffin.
:::Open elem 35 and r/s 50%. C/p it between the bible and the candles.
:::Open elem 66 and r/s 70%. C/p and move up to the sky area.
:::Open elem 10 and r/s 20%. C/p as a new layer above the sand layer and move it to the far left.
:::Open elem 145 and r/s 75%, mirror. C/p as a new layer just below your tube layer, moving to the left.  Duplicate and move this one to the right.

6. Crop and/or r/s as needed, add your artist's copyright information and your name.  I added a red glow to Hunters name and changed the blend mode of it to hard light.  And that's it, you're done!

I must confess, I've never even seen the Vampire Diaries, but I do know the fan base is a very loyal bunch, so if I've put wrong elements with Stefan, please forgive my ignorance.
That said, there is so many different and cool elements in Bibi's kit, I just had to use another goth winged tube I had of The Hunters, and make this tag to show some more to you. This tube is called "Gothic Angel"


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