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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Big Top Bunny

Before I start the tut I want to give a huge round of BRAVO's to Millie of Millie's PSP Madness for the beautiful design she gave me here on my blog!!  Isn't it just gorgeous?  She did it in no time flat too, so if you're thinking about getting your blog re-done, I would definitely recommend her to you.  She's a nice lady too.

Tube - This precious tube is by artist Sweet Doll Artist, who is now available at S&Co.  This is her Easter Bunny, and you can find it HERE
Scrap Kit - I've used a kit of Bibi's Collection entitled "Bunny Girl" which can also be found at S&Co HERE. Right now it's just $1.00!!
Mask -223Insatiable Dreams mask which you can find HERE.  Scroll down to Masks 7 
Filters - Eye Candy 3.1 Drop Shadow
Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
r/s = resize
Unless otherwise directed, add an EyeCandy drop shadow of direction 310, distance 5, blur 9, opacity 28 with color #000000.

1. Open a new image 700 x 700 and f/f with white, we can crop and r/s later.  Add a new layer and select all.  C/p paper 2 into selection, select none.  Locate the 223Insatiable Dreams mask and apply it, merge group. R/s just this mask layer 95%.

2. Open your tube and r/s as needed, c/p as a new layer moving it to the right & down as needed so the bottom of the tube is on the edge of the frame.  

3. Now we're going to decorate this cutie...
:::Open elem50 and r/s 46%. C/p as a new layer under your tube and move it down so it becomes the 'floor'. Change the blend mode to luminance. No d/s on this layer.
:::Open elem17 and r/s 50% and then 25%. C/p as a new layer and move them down to cover the road between your tube and the tent.
:::Open elem13 and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer and move to the left side. 
:::Open elem19 and r/s 50%. C/p and place at the top of tent, add a d/s of direction 5, distance 5, blur 17, opacity 18
:::Open elem21 and using brightness & contrast make it white, c/p as a new layer and move in front of the the tent.  Duplicate it and move this one to the far right side at the edge of the mask.
:::Open elem47 and mirror. C/p as a new layer and move behind the tent, change the blend mode to dodge.
:::Open elem29 and r/s 50% twice. C/p as a new layer and move it so it appears to be inside of the tent.
:::Open elem39 and r/s 40%. C/p it and move to the left side of the tent.
:::Open elem37 and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer and move them behind the white bunny. No d/s on these.
:::Open elem16 and r/s 30%. C/p it just above the tent layer in your palette. Move it behind the bunny and lower the opacity enough so you can see the door of the tent. Using your magic wand with feather set to 0, trace around the bit of the  top hat that overhangs the door of the tent:

    Once selected tap delete, select none. It should appear now that the hat is behind the door of the tent (see my tag)
:::Open elem11 and r/s 50%.  C/p just below your tube in the layer palette and move it to the right side of your tube.
:::Highlight your tube layer and open elem25, r/s 65%. C/p as a new layer and move to the top of your tag. Change the blur part of your d/s to 12.
:::Open elem22, mirror and c/p as a new layer at the top of the layer palette, moving it all the way to the top of the mask.
:::Open elem 77, c/p as a new layer and move down to just above your mask layer in your layer palette.  Change the blend mode to screen and duplicate it.

4. Once you're satisfied with where everything is placed, delete the white bg layer and merge visible.  Duplicate the entire tag and add a Gaussian Blur of 5 to the duplicate.  Change the blend mode to soft light, and your entire tag takes on a dreamy look to it.

5. Crop and/or r/s as needed, add your artist's copyright information and your name, and you're done!


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