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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pretty Irish Eyes - a PTU tut

Tube - I've used a very pretty tube from Andy Cooper, "Sexy Lingerie" which is a St. Patricks tube.  For this tut we're just using the close up tube. You can purchase it HERE.
Scrap Kit - a really great kit from Ginnibug Designs that matches the kit and is called "Sexy Irish Girl", also purchased at S&Co. HERE
Mask - 499InsatiableDreams Mask, download HERE  Please place in your masks folder.
Filters - Eye Candy 3.1 Drop Shadow - OPTIONAL but it's what I use for all of my tuts.
Font - Biloxi Script  

Tutorial abbreviations: 
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
Unless otherwise directed, add an EyeCandy drop
shadow of direction 310, distance 10, blur 10, opacity 34 with color #000000.

1. Open a new image 800 x 800 and f/f with white, we can crop and r/s later. Open p8 and c/p as a new layer.  Apply the mask 499InsatiableDreams and merge group.

2. Open sig98 and r/s 75%.  C/p as a new layer and move slightly to the left, add the d/s. S/sa/fl/defl, modify contact by 5.   Open p6 and r/s 75%, c/p as a new layer below the frame and invert, tap delete and invert again.  Open your close up tube and r/s as needed.  C/p as a new layer positioning the face within the selected area of the frame.  When satisfied, invert and again and tap delete on your tube layer, select none.  Duplicate the tube and on this layer add a Gaussian Blur of 6, change the blend mode to soft light.  On the original tube, change the blend mode to hard light.  Merge these 4 frame layers together and then r/s it 85%.

3. Open sig35 and r/s 50%. C/p as a new layer to the right side of the frame.  Free rotate left 25, and then Sharpen using Unsharp Mask with the following settings:

4. Now we'll decorate the tag:
:::Open sig9 and c/p to the right side of the frame.
:::Open sig17 and r/s 50%.  C/p and place over the leaves.  Free rotate 10 to the right.
:::Open sig62 and r/s 50%.  C/p so it covers the bottom of the house.  
:::Open sig34, c/p over the heart of the cluster and add the d/s.  Take your eraser tool and erase the parts of the shamrock the cover the heart.  Be sure you clean up all of the d/s as well. You want it to appear that this is behind the heart.
:::Open sig41 and r/s 75%. C/p below the heart cluster layer and move it a bit to the right in the cluster. Duplicate and r/s 75%, bring this one to the left of the cluster and down a bit.
:::Open sig7 and r/s 50%. C/p this right below the cluster and tuck it in behind it.  Trace around a bit of it that's behind the coin and promote it to a new layer, bring it above the smaller coin and add a d/s of distance 10, blur 10, opacity 28 to this little piece.  Now add it to the rest of the ribbon. Duplicate the ribbon and pull it through on the right side
:::Open sig21 and c/p just above the white bg layer.  With your mover tool bring it down so it fans out under all of the other layers. No d/s on this layer.

5. Crop and/or r/s as needed, add your artist's copyright information and your name, and you're done!  How's that for a quick & easy tut with a stunning end result??


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