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I love to share what I make with you, and I LOVE it when you respond with love back for the shares. So have a look around, take what you like and enjoy yourself. Just watch for splinters.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Mask Monday & a Show Off

Oy, what a day I've had today!! 
(said in my strongest NY accent)

Early this morning I had to rush my little fur-baby Debbi to the emergency vet.  I thought she had suffered a stroke or other calamity that was sure to take her from me at only 10 yrs of age.  Obviously in pain, unable to walk or stand (every attempt she fell over),  eat or drink or even be touched - she was so horribly pathetic that I became THAT crazy puppy parent we all have seen and cross the street to avoid.  You can laugh, it's ok.

And she will be too I'm happy to report.  She's likely has a bulging disc in her back, or a severely strained muscle - so sad but not life threatening, and the goal today was to give her relief and reduce swelling.  We're on a 3 step plan now for her recovery.  Today she received steroidal & pain shots and came home with all of the same for 7 days, hopefully this will do the trick and will prove it to be the muscles strain.  If not, a month of laser treatments will follow after xrays are taken to see what's going on in her little 8lb body.  Then possibly - and the worst - surgery.  Today really sucked.

Before all of this happened last night, ZlataM. released this precious tube that I naturally fell in love with.  At the same time, Dee released her simply luscious new kit - 
that is loaded with everyone's favorite - sunflowers!!  It was a match made in heaven.  The irony of the awful hours I spent AFTER I finished this tag isn't lost on me.

Isn't it just so pretty?  I swear I can smell the cool dirt and feel the soft early September breezes just looking at it.  I think the little flower pots by her knees are so sweet, just one of the many fun and realistic elements that Dee has put into this kit.  Go take a look at it and see for yourself.

And now that you've listened to my sad tail (pun intended) of woe today, and looked at this sweet little Puppy Love tag I made, I have some new masks for you!!  I used the one on the bottom left of the preview in the tag above.

AND I've moved away from 4shared at some of your requests.  Let me know if you have any problem with my dropbox ok?

Download HERE and have a great week!! 

 Keep my little Debbi in your thoughts ok?

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