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Squirrely has been my nickname since I was a child, both because it rhymes with my real name, and because I'm forgetful and just plain nuts at times. I've been tagging for 2+ decades off and on, and now that I'm retired/disabled I'm pretty much on most of the time now.

I love to share what I make with you, and I LOVE it when you respond with love back for the shares. So have a look around, take what you like and enjoy yourself. Just watch for splinters.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Masks 4 Thursday & Showoff

It's not Monday, you're on the right day - I'm the one that's all 'kerfuffled'.  I always share masks with you on Mondays but my back hasn't been cooperating with me and I'm spending most of my time in bed these days.  Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon so I can get back to my regularly scheduled tagging, but this is not that day.  Yesterday I sat her long enough to make one tag, and this morning I was able to knock out 4 masks pretty quickly so let's get to it!

First oogle at my latest Dees'Sign Depot tags.  Dee came up with one more Halloween themed
scrap kit for us, and it is just fantastic.
  "A Big Boo 2 U" 
is both spooky, goth-y and cute as can be.  How Dee does that all in one kit always amazes me, but she pulls it off.  I added one of Simone's freebie animations to add to the already great sparkles in the kit, and an oldie but goodie Garv tube that I love.

I made this tag to show you some of goodies in the kit that I didn't use in the tag above.  I could have made 2 o3 more tags and never use the same embellishments, it's such a BIG kit.  I just now realized the tags are the same style lol.  I'll blame that one on the pain meds ;). But go check this kit of Dee's out if you're looking for one more kit to kick your Halloween tagging up a notch.

Here are 4 more masks for you today that I hope you enjoy.
You can download them HERE

Friday, October 16, 2015

Free-4-All Friday Cluster Frame & show off

Well talk about shooting myself in the foot!  Before I show you the frame I made for you, I want 
to share with you some new Seasonal Clusters and Cluster Frames that Dee has just released, and they are A M A Z I N G, and especially helpful for the Halloween season.
Dee is the cluster Queen in my book.


Lets face it, we all are making tags at a frantic pace to keep up with forum parties and tagathons and tutations and all sorts of "spooktacular" celebrations, not to mention that you just want to make some awesome Holiday tags for your friends because our favorite artists are pulling out all the stops and have some gorgeous (& some creepy) tubes this year.


Sometimes it's nice to take an easier route - yes, you can admit that, you're in a safe space here.
So when you find yourself crunched for time, but still want to play in a multitude of forums AND Facebook AND make presents for your tagging buddies, trust me...these clusters and frames are the way to go.  Here are a few tags I made with the packs above.

I used 3 clusters and a random frame here
And here I used one of the frames and 2 clusters from the 2nds set for this tag.
Dee also made a set that coordinates with her Bibbity Bobbity Boo kit, or can be used without it.

So yes, like I said.....now I'm going to share my sub-par freebie with you, and you'll suddenly understand WHY we buy Designer goodies hehe. Most of us just can't make stuff like this lady can.

Oh yes, I have one more tag to show you.  I made this one for my Canadian friends who celebrated their Thanksgiving on the 12th.  I used Dee's warm and fuzzy "Give Thanks" kit for them.
This pup is surely thankful for this little girl, don't you think??
With Autumn in full force here on the East Coast of the U.S., the colors surrounding us are just incredibly beautiful.  Today also happens to be very windy, and that combination makes for a gorgeous & cozy fall day in Squirrely's land :). Of course, I don't have to rake them either so this is my favorite season by far.  This feeling inspired me this morning to create this 
Autumn Leaves Cluster Frame and background paper for you.

I hope it inspires you to create something beautful.
Download HERE.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Free 4 All Friday

I got to playing around with a Halloween idea and turned it into a Cluster Frame pack for you rather than the tag I had in mind with this great skull.  Do you like it?

You'll get a chance to download it in a minute, I want to show you the tag I eventually ended up with.
As I usually do, I ended up digging in my Dee folder and found an elegant, gothic kit
I'd forgotten all about called "For All Eternity"

My initial tag plan went out the window once I started looking through the kit.  Do you do that?  Do you sometimes plan a tag in your head at random times during the day?  I had this Chris Pastel tube which I adore, and it all just came together pretty neatly I think.  She is an evil one here, isn't she?
And THAT'S what I wanted all along, and roses had to come into play as well.

So you can see the tie in with the Cluster Frame I made you I hope lol.  It comes with 2 background papers, even though one doesn't show much in the preview I made.. 

Download it HERE & enjoy!!  And have a great weekend!!
(Oh hey - I just read on FB that this tube I used is on sale at Chris's store for only $1.)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mask Monday & a FTU Hulla Balou!!

I've got lots of goodies to share with you today, so let's get right to it, shall we?

Here are this week's masks for you all - just random ones, no holiday this time.
I hope you enjoy them.

Download HERE

You can find not one, but two new FTU scrapkits I've made over at the 
AND a template AND a mask set!  I know, nuts huh?  (get it? Squirrely, nuts?)
I just love the forum so much that I love to give a little something back to both them AND you.
There are a many other members goodies there for the snagging as well, so please look around
and MAKE SURE YOU SAY THANK YOU if you download anything.

Here are previews of my contributions. Just click the link above to head to the blog!


Now it goes without saying that I would LOVE to see anything you make with any of these FTU goodies, but especially the kits.  Here is a gorgeous tag set that Lin made using my BCA kit above.

 There's a "Contact Me" link in the right sidebar (bottom) if you would like to 
show me your goodies haha.

I was playing around with Dee's deeply lush "Dark Secrets" scrap kit, making a challenge tag for Misfits. I'm so pleased with my animation I wanted to show it off to you lol.

I used one of the papers in the kit that has the moon in it, and from the moon I added the lightening using Xenofex 1.0 on several copies of the moon paper.  For the thunder flashes, I used good old Corel's effect Illumination (I use pspX) on a few other papers.  I ended up with I think 14 layers to copy and paste in animation shop, but it came out so good it was worth the work!  It's so creepy & realistic looking, right??  The candle flame is one of Simone's free ones - LOVE her generosity with her talents.

That's it for this finally dry Monday - I think you've got enough goodies to keep you busy for a while.  I have so much fun making these things to share, I've always believed in paying it forward.
Have a great week!

Friday, October 2, 2015

BCA FTU Goodies & Show-offs

There are 2 scrap kits that I made a few years ago for a forum blog that are still available.  One is a BCA kit - "I Choose Life" - not great but you might find something in it you can use.  The other is a generic pink and black kit called "Pink Flamingos" that's pretty cute and would work well with some ribbons added for October.  The titles are linked, so go have a look and snag them if you'd like.

BTW, have you checked your breasts yet this month???
Remember, we talked about this (said in my best Grandma voice).
1n the US, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer.

1 in 8

Those are scary numbers, make sure you don't become one of them.  Exam those boobs, click
HERE to learn how to if you've never done it before.

Here are some "Words Of Awareness" for your BCA scrap tags, some pretty papers and word art embellies.  I hope you can find a use for them in your tagging.

Words of Awareness Download HERE


Next week my blog will be devoted to Halloween which season has officially begun.
Today I want to show you an adorable tag & Facebook header using parts of
Dees'Sign Depot's new monthly Designer collab kit,

WHAT FUN this huge kit is, and you can get it either FREE with a $10 purchase from the store, or pay only $6.00 for it if you just want this kit.  And it is incredibly fun to play with.

I used the Muppet Movie and my inspiration for the tag above (made with Dee's part of the collab), with the human surrounded by all of these goofy looking creatures lol.  And oh what fun those creatures are, right?? 

I also made a Facebook Banner and Avatar for myself using the entire collab, because I wanted to give a good idea of everyone's contribution to it without making a cluttered tag.  I LOVE it - you can see it in action on my Facebook page.

So enjoy your goodies, and check your breasts!!

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