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I love to share what I make with you, and I LOVE it when you respond with love back for the shares. So have a look around, take what you like and enjoy yourself. Just watch for splinters.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Free-4-All Friday Cluster Frame & show off

Well talk about shooting myself in the foot!  Before I show you the frame I made for you, I want 
to share with you some new Seasonal Clusters and Cluster Frames that Dee has just released, and they are A M A Z I N G, and especially helpful for the Halloween season.
Dee is the cluster Queen in my book.


Lets face it, we all are making tags at a frantic pace to keep up with forum parties and tagathons and tutations and all sorts of "spooktacular" celebrations, not to mention that you just want to make some awesome Holiday tags for your friends because our favorite artists are pulling out all the stops and have some gorgeous (& some creepy) tubes this year.


Sometimes it's nice to take an easier route - yes, you can admit that, you're in a safe space here.
So when you find yourself crunched for time, but still want to play in a multitude of forums AND Facebook AND make presents for your tagging buddies, trust me...these clusters and frames are the way to go.  Here are a few tags I made with the packs above.

I used 3 clusters and a random frame here
And here I used one of the frames and 2 clusters from the 2nds set for this tag.
Dee also made a set that coordinates with her Bibbity Bobbity Boo kit, or can be used without it.

So yes, like I said.....now I'm going to share my sub-par freebie with you, and you'll suddenly understand WHY we buy Designer goodies hehe. Most of us just can't make stuff like this lady can.

Oh yes, I have one more tag to show you.  I made this one for my Canadian friends who celebrated their Thanksgiving on the 12th.  I used Dee's warm and fuzzy "Give Thanks" kit for them.
This pup is surely thankful for this little girl, don't you think??
With Autumn in full force here on the East Coast of the U.S., the colors surrounding us are just incredibly beautiful.  Today also happens to be very windy, and that combination makes for a gorgeous & cozy fall day in Squirrely's land :). Of course, I don't have to rake them either so this is my favorite season by far.  This feeling inspired me this morning to create this 
Autumn Leaves Cluster Frame and background paper for you.

I hope it inspires you to create something beautful.
Download HERE.


Thank you and I think your frames are just as lovely as Dee's are.

Beautiful tags, and tysm for the frame-gorgeous

Anisah said...

How lovely! Thanks so much!


Shez said...

thank you for this pretty frame Squirrely

Pammy said...

Thanks very much! Using this as the Cluster Challenge in my group :) x

Duskie said...

Thanks so much for the cluster ♥

Anne B said...

So Beautiful Squirrely, Thank You for your Time and Talent!!

Thank you so very much! Beautiful

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