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Monday, December 14, 2015

ShowOff's, Desktops & New Clothes

It took awhile but I've finally got myself dressed up for the holidays.  I wanted to go with a Winter theme so it can be up for awhile, since my time is still limited on the computer. Dee's "Love You Snow Much" was the perfect kit for what I wanted.

I've been a busy girl though when I am on, and having a blast.  Christmas is my favorite time of year and I just adore making all of these tags for all of the amazing kits, and clusters, and bundles that Dee has been coming out with season - now SHE'S a busy busy lady. Here are some of her new goodies and what I've created with them.  

::::: In no particular order :::::

"Glad Tidings Kit", "Glad Tidings Clusters", "Glad Tidings Cluster Frames
& "Glad Tidings Bundle"


These bundles are just spectacular, with almost no effort you could get 10 tags out of one of them, and for $5.95 it's a real bargain.  I used one of the frame clusters, papers from the kit and a couple of the element clusters for this sweet tag.

For this one using the same awesome Garv tube, I used the kit alone.
I adore birds and we have one little cardinal that visits us every winter for the past 4 years.  It's been too warm to see him just yet, so I made this tag using the clusters and a paper from the kit to hold me over.  That glorious word art is in the kit.

The next kit I've had fun with was Dee's part of the monthly collab kit with Mirella and Cat at Dees'Sign Depot shop, this month it's "Home For Christmas" and gorgeous.  Dee's portion has very snowy elements and many musical elements of the title song.  Best yet, it's free with a $7.50 purchase all month long.

Another beautiful Holiday kit that Dee has released is "All Ye Faithful" along with 3 add on components. The kit's colors are incredible, a deep burgundy red and an almost bronze-gold metal.  There are angels galore mixed in with lush greenery of the season, lovely poinsettias, candy canes & beautifully wrapped presents.  Again, Dee has many add on packages and a bundle for this beauty.
"All Ye Faithful" Kit    "All Ye Faithful Cluster Frames"  "All Ye Faithful Clusters" and 
"All Ye Faithful Bundle" which includes all of the above



My first tag reminds us to not forget to celebrate for the beauty of nature this season, using the kit with one it's gorgeous frames and the art of Sheena Pike.  
Look for this tag in a FTU Desktop for you below!!

For this tag I used on of the Cluster Frames and 2 Clusters, and it took me about 2 minutes to make. This season time is of the essence sometimes, even in tagging!!

I'll be back hopefully tomorrow to finish sharing my creations with hopefully another goodie for you too!!  Till then, enjoy this FTU Desktop wallpaper I've made with the kit above.  The best gift you could give the children in your life this year is your promise to do whatever you can to help our planet heal itself by reducing your carbon footprint - so they will still be able to enjoy the beauties of nature with THEIR children.

I've included many different sizes in the zip file HERE.


Beautiful creations Shirl! TYSM for the desktop, adorable!

Gorgeous! TY I snagged the desktops!

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