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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kisses To Heaven - a PTU tut

Well it's been ages since I've written a tutorial, hasn't it?  I figured I'd dust myself off and see if I still can. I think I can, I think I can....
I don't know about you, but I'm seeing Zindy tags all over the place right now, as so many of us (myself included) took advantage of her 'retirement from tube making' sales.  I wanted to use these two tubes of hers together for this tag as sort of a tribute to her astounding talent.  The tube in the frame I'm pretty sure is my first Zindy tube from the late 90's, the main tube is one of her newer ones.  Notice how she's grown as an artist right under our noses, which is one reason why so many of us simply adore her and will miss her gracing our lovely little hobby with her beauty.

Tube - I've used two gorgeous tubes by Zindy Nielsen, one very old, one reasonably new which you can still purchase at her shop HERE.  
Scrap Kit - Dee of Dees'Sign Depot just released this serene and lovely new kit, "Kisses To Heaven". Dee has also bundled this kit for you, check it out.
Mask - my own SquirrelyMask-Halloween04 which you can find HERE
Filter - Eye Candy 3.1 Drop Shadow
FontMadison (optional) & Dawning of A New Day (name)
Tutorial abbreviations:
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
r/s = resize
For this tutorial, do NOT add your d/s until the end so you can achieve the soft glow in my preview.

1. Open a new image 800 x 800 and f/f with white, we can crop and r/s later. Open paper8 and c/p as a new layer.  Layers, load SquirrelyMask-Halloween04 and merge group, duplicate and merge down.  Open element 89, r/s 80% and c/p as a new layer.

2. Open paper 12, r/s 75% and c/p as a new layer onto your working image. Open frame 2, rotate right, r/s 74% and c/p as a new layer.  Tap inside of the frame layer with your magic wand, Modify and Expand by 2, invert and tap delete on your paper layer - leave selected.Now grab your secondary tube and r/s it to 510 pixels tall. C/p it above the paper layer and move it around so it sits within the selected area,  tap delete to dispose of any excess, select none. Change the blend mode of the tube to Multiply.  Hide the white layer and merge all visible layers. Move this frame to the left side, duplicate it and free rotate it 7 degrees to the left. Move it over slightly to the left.

3. Open element 77a, r/s 80% and c/p it as a new layer dropping it below both frame layers.  Free-rotate left by 14 degrees and move it between the 2 frames in your layers palette.  I've added some words (with "Madison" font & color #44361b) here which is, of course, completely optional, because I felt it
furthered the theme of my tag.

4. Highlight the bottom frame layer now.  Open element 64, r/s it 90% and c/p as a new layer aligning the bottom of it with the bottom of the frame.  Open element 55 and r/s 50%. C/p it as a new layer, move it to the right side of the gate and drop it below it.

5. Open your main tube and r/s it accordingly (if using the same tube, 90%). C/p as a new layer at the top of your layer palette aligning this with the bottom of the gate. Open paper11, r/s 75% and c/p as a new layer dropping it below your main tube.  Highlight your tube, s/sa/fl/defl/ and tap invert.  Tap delete on the paper layer and select none.  Change the blend mode of your tube to burn, duplicate it and change this one to overlay, decreasing the opacity to 61.  Play around with the blend modes if your tube is different until you have a look you're happy with. Once satisfied merge these layers together.

6. Now let's decorate with some elements:
::::Element 42 - r/s 50% - c/p just above gate layer moving it to the right.
::::Element 39 - r/s 50% - c/p it below it below the main tube layers moving this too to the right.
::::Highlight your main tube layer.  Open element 34 and add an inner bevel to it with the following settings:

    C/p as a new layer and move to the far left.
::::Open element6 - r/s 50% - c/p and move to the far left in front of the harp..
::::Open element13 - r/s 60% - c/p and place it behind the flower.  Duplicate - mirror.
::::Open element9 - r/s 50% - c/p it below the right side leaf layer and move it up slightly.
::::Open element 46 - r/s 75% - c/p it moving to the far right and up slightly.
::::Open element7b - r/s 50% - c/p and move to the far right over the leaves.
::::Open element72 - r/s 50% - c/p and move to the right tucking it in below the leaves layer.
::::Open element 69b - r/s 40% - c/p and move slightly to the right tucking it in below the pearls on the water jug.
::::Open element 41 - r/s 50% - c/p it and tuck in a bit below the flower.
::::Open element 21 - r/s 50% - c/p it and move it to down slightly to the left and above the candles in your layer palette.

7. Once you're happy with the placement of all of your layers, hide the white background, the mask and the lace circle.  Highlight your tube layer, go to Edit and copy merged. On your working canvas go to the top of your layer palette and paste as a new layer.  You'll have to move it around until it's lined up perfectly with your tag.  Go to Adjust and add a Gaussian Blur of 6 to this merged layer and change the blend mode to soft light.  Now hide this layer, and un-hide the white background, the mask and the lace circle.

8. Open Spray_6 and c/p as a new layer above your hidden blurred layer, moving it down just a teensy bit.  Open Spray_7 and c/p as a new layer, mirror.

9. Still leaving the blurred layer hidden, go through each layer (except the sparkles) and add a very light d/s to each one.  I've used Eye Candy 4000 Shadowlab and used the following shadow throughout.

10. Crop and/or r/s as preferred, add your artist's copyright information and your name, and you're done!


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