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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mask Mon- er, Tuesday & Show-offs!

Happy Tuesday all, and if you're on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.A. like I am, I hope you're safe, warm and dug out from the crazy weekend we had.  I had 31 inches in my backyard, it was insane!!  I'm sorry I didn't get these masks out yesterday like always, but life being life, was unpredictable and I had practically zero computer time. 

And I don't know about you, but snow always make it feel like Valentines Day & Mardi Gras, probably because we usually don't get it until late January early February.  So I was
so pleased to see that Carita of Carita Creationz re-vamped & released her mini-kit

As you can see it's a vibrant, jewel colored kit that's the perfect size to create a couple of 
tags for this fun celebration.  I was so thrilled to get a chance to use this tube too!!  lol

Another mini kit - this time Dee's - that's simply too adorable for words, is aptly named,

And although it's one of her mini's, there is no shortage of awesome and fun elements as you can see in my tag.  And I love the color combo of soft beige with pink, it's so, well, SWEET. 

Have you checked out the HERE2HELP Facebook page for fans??  It's a great way to get to snoop around and see what's coming in March in this ginormous collab that our favorite Designers and Artists are putting together to help Mirella (A Space Between) pay for her cancer treatments.  Be sure you do, because you're going to be SHOCKED at what's coming your way.  Be sure to check out the Raffle section so you can start drooling at the prizes you can win.  And of course, there's her store

And last but not least, here are your masks that you should have gotten yesterday.  Once again with a Valentines theme as so many of you have requested. As you can see they are the same base mask with one lighter and one darker, perfect for layers of masks which is something I enjoy doing.  They can also of course, be used separately.

Download HERE and enjoy!


Magda said...

Beautiful!! Thanks so much!!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the lovely masks:)

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