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Monday, January 18, 2016

Masked Monday; 50% and Show Offs

After laying in bed for almost 4 months it's SO nice to be active and busy in the tagging community again, you have no idea.  Big things are happening right now and I want to start this week of freebies here at the Treehouse by sharing this information with you.
**(wait, did she say WEEK of freebies?)

Oh yes, you are reading that right.  Long time Designer, Mirella of "A Space Between" is retiring effective immediately and is having a 60% off sale on all of her kits over at Dees'Sign Depot store until Feb. 5th ONLY, then they will disappear forever!  This is not a deal you'll want to miss because believe me, her designs are truly beautiful.  I wish she was retiring in such a hurry to head to a Caribbean island, but sadly that's not the case.

Please be sure to read this in full, because I couldn't say it as succinctly as Dee has done here in this open "heads up" to the entire tagging community. 
Dee started this event yesterday morning, and there are already 50 store owners and Designers on board with donations, and 30+ offers of donations from taggers like you and me.  And we're contacting Artists as well for any donations they'd like to contribute.  This is gonna be BIG my friends, so stay tuned as I'll share important information to you as it becomes available.  
HINT - start saving your $$$ for raffle tickets now!!

I've had a super fun week of tagging for Dee and Carita with their incredible designs!!  Love is in the air with Valentines Day less than a month away, and whether you love it - or hate it - I've got a show off for you.

Dee has a new stunner of a kit out, "I Adore You", and you will adore this kit.  Always a favorite color combo of mine, the teals, blues and purples in it run from soft to bold complimenting each other beautifully on the papers and elements.  And the elements are SO much fun, lots of flowers and sprays and stamps, not to mention 23 frames!!  SqUeAL!!!
For this tag, I've used one of Dee's older love themed kits split into parts, "Precious Love 1 & 2".  If you'd like both parts Dee has also bundled the kit together at a savings. Shades of pink and tans, mixed in with greenery makes for such a beautiful palette, don't you think?  This is what I call a 'little touch kit', because the beauty of it is in it's subtleness, soft elements and even softer papers, a bit of bling, and lots of great word art too.   

Another really fun kit for those of you not in love with this day of love, is Carita Creationz "Stupid Cupid".  I find it amazing how Carita can still retain her elegant quality even while making a 'hater' kit lol.  She's combined rich ruby red and hunter green with black metals and leather to make this a super fun kit to play with.

And finally as requested, here are a couple of Valentines masks for your tagging fun on this cold and snowy Monday (in my part of the world).

Download these HERE and enjoy them.

**Yes, I DID say "week of freebies" way up top.  See you soon 


TYSM for the masks, they are so pretty!

Pixie said...

Thanks so much for these beautiful masks!

CC said...

Great work on tags and masks, gonna snag, thank you 💗

CC said...

Great work on tags and masks, gonna snag, thank you 💗

thank you for the lovely masks ♥

Magda said...

Thanks so much!!

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