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Squirrely has been my nickname since I was a child, both because it rhymes with my real name, and because I'm forgetful and just plain nuts at times. I've been tagging for 2+ decades off and on, and now that I'm retired/disabled I'm pretty much on most of the time now.

I love to share what I make with you, and I LOVE it when you respond with love back for the shares. So have a look around, take what you like and enjoy yourself. Just watch for splinters.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Masked Monday - Challenges on the Weekend

This past weekend I took some serious down time and just played doing challenges in Creative Misfits, which I love to do.  What I love even more, is when I have the perfect materials to complete one with a really special tag.  I was so pleased that the Thaliris' kits I needed to CT anyway, fit right in with the challenges - score!!

For the Surprise Challenge we had to follow a color scheme with multiple greens and yellow in it.
I went straight to Thaliris kit "Create Your Emotions"

and turned it into a cute St. Patrick's Day tag!

There's another one where we're given one word, and we have to make a tag built around that word.  This week's word was "Spring".  I found the perfect beautifully hued kit for that theme in 

I used my new Vadis tube with a gazillion layers, and made her a butterfly sitting in a garden.  To steal a word from my granddaughter - ADORBS!!!!  This kit is sure to be a favorite for me.


And here are your masks for the beautiful Monday morning!!  

Download HERE and enjoy them.  Have a great week everyone!

Friday, February 26, 2016

FTU Cluster Frame

And we're finally redecorated for St. Patrick's Day!!
I used Carita Creationz "Luck of the Irish" kit and I couldn't be happier
with the new look.  What do you think?

I'm a sucker for anything nature, and Carita Creations has designed a simply stunning nature kit appropriately named, "Luscious Foliage".  Richly draped with gorgeous metal pieces & earthy colors, this kit can be used for any type of tag you'd like, but I think it lends itself best to animal or earthy inspired ones. 

Carita has allowed me to make you a FTU Cluster Frame today to give you a taste of this luscious kit. :).  I hope you'll enjoy playing with it.

You can download it HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!!  Hugs, Squirrely
Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wallpaper and a Show Off

I purchased an adorable Exclusive tube from Pics For Design the other day, because I've been dying to play with this kit of Dees - Fairytale Endings - but just never had a suitable tube for it.  After I got the kit, I realized it would also be perfectly suitable for Americana or England tags because of the red/whitish/blue color palette. You know I'm happy when a kit has multiple uses, so it was a head slap moment for Squirrely!  But I do LOVE the way my little princess looks in her little fairytale.:)  

Growing up, my mother used to play Irish record albums all of the time, and her favorite song - and thus my favorite - was "Wild Irish Rose".  Carita Creationz released another terrific kit for St. Patrick's Day tagging, this one entitled  "Kiss Me", and it's filled with beautiful Irish Roses. :)  I adore how Carita blended the lush colors of Ireland together in this kit, it's all very soft and yet grunged at the same time.  

 I had to do another desktop for you with this one, so your computer stays as festive as your tagging is this time of year.

Download your Desktop HERE, in all of the popular sizes.

I'll be back tomorrow with another freebie for you!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Masked Monday & lots more....

I've got lots to share with you today, so I'll get right to it with no jibber jabbering. :)

If you hadn't heard already, the (full size) kit Designer Thaliris has donated 50 kits for Dee to sell at her shop, donating all of the proceeds of her sales to Mirella!  They're in the store HERE for you to take a look at, but let me tell you, they're super fun to tag with.  I've played with 2 of them so far...

and Star

"Star" is a mini kit, so Dee is selling it with another similar mini, "Blue Star".  You can of course purchase each kit individually, but there's a neat sale on them to help you get the biggest bang for your buck, while donating to a great cause as well.

The final day to buy raffle tickets is fast approaching and you've got just week left, the last day to purchase is early on  Feb 29th.
On FEB 29TH at 11:59 PM EST. the raffle goes live.  That info is HERE along with a list of 131 items to be raffled off so far, donations are STILL coming in!  As an added bonus, the purchase of raffle tickets is applicable to the store's February Bonus Kit which is the stunning, 
"My Heart's Desire".  That's another way to  s  t  r  e  t  c  h  your $$$ while helping Mirella.


And after all of the excitement of the raffle is over, on March 7th the incredible collab kit with over 80 kit Designers & Artist's donations will be up for sale.  No price has been set yet for the collab because donations are still pouring in to this as well, but you know I'll keep you up to date right here on my blog, so keep checking back, or subscribe to me by signing up on the bottom right sidebar with your email or Google connect.
And now onto my "real job" lol.  Dee has obviously been a busy lady running Here 2 Help, so I keep myself busy for her by playing with her already released kits.  Now, tagging is a pretty trend driven hobby with so many yummy kits and tubes to buy being released every single day, so it's easy to consider anything released just 6 months ago as "old".   I'm continually reminded when I use an older kit of Dees, just how much talent this woman has, because her kits just never seem to be out of style.  You could open a kit of Dees from 2012 and still have a grand old time tagging with it and a brand new tube.  I'm so proud to be on her Creative Team, and to be afforded the opportunity to play with ALL of her goodies, the older and the new.

This time I had a play with "Country Vineyard" which is a gloriously rich wine themed mini kit.  As with all of Dee's kits though, you can easily use this without using the theme, just enjoying the lavish elements of nature at it's most beautiful.

On the flip side on my other awesome Creative Team, Carita has been releasing kits so fast I can't even keep up with her!!  This crazy lady is updating and re-releasing all of her kits she had in her older store.  I had a play with "Toys for Boys", a crazy racecar themed kit, that's grungy and dirty and just perfect for your tags for male taggers, or even naughty girl tags as I did with it.  Don't those elements just pop right out at you??  UGH, I loved this kit!!

Feel free to grab this snag, just please don't alter it in any way.

And finally,
here are your Masks for this lovely Monday.
I don't think I've ever made any rectangular masks before.

Download them HERE and enjoy them!!

I told you I had a lot to share today. ;)
Monday, February 15, 2016

Mask Monday with Snags

First off, I promise that my blog will be updated this week - are you sick of my Christmas header yet?  lol.  Do you know I didn't realize it had Christmas written on it until the other day??  I thought it was just fine and dandy for all winter!  I've got the new clothes ready, just waiting for my "dresser" to come in and make it all pretty.

Carita released a bunch of new kits this week, some new and some revamped, but all are fantastic!



....and a mini kit "Firefighter", which I chose to work with because, coming from a fire fighting family, I can tell you this has some awesome and realistic elements to it, and very lush papers.  And I've had this Arthur Crowe tube for ages without using it.  I want to thank Sophisticated Simone for her awesome free animations too.

The other new kit I chose to work with this weekend was another mini kit, Opulence largely because I adored the colors.  Once opened though, it truly IS very opulent, with very elegant frames and many different elements that you don't see elsewhere.  I made you all a snag set with it, just click on them to bring them up to original size and right click to save.


And hey, it's time again for some new masks!  I was feeling very sparkly when I made these yesterday and I think it came through a bit in their designs, huh?  lol.

Download them HERE and enjoy!!
Have a great week.

Friday, February 12, 2016

FTU Gift For You :)

I made a mini FTU scrap kit for you as a gift for Valentines Day,
and it's about a love of a different sort that I'm sure I share with many of you.

"For The Love of Books"

There are actually 34 elements to it, I added a few late last night. The kit celebrates the joy of alone time spent in a comfy chair, with a good cup of coffee and a great book.  A box of chocolates and a chocolate Lab doesn't hurt either, so you've got them too.  I hope you enjoy it long past Sunday is a memory.  Here is a tag I made with it.

Download HERE, enjoy and I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wallpaper Wednesday - Jumping Ahead

Happy Hump Day!

Today my blog is like department stores - not even done with one holiday before they're putting up decorations for the next one.  I have a good reason to be in the Irish state of mind, though.  You see Monday the 7th, was my mothers birthday, and she was very much an Irish Lass well into her 80's bless her heart, and I always think a lot about her this time of year.  Hence, the reason my blog is early laced with St. Patrick's Day beauty and fun.

Carita was nice enough to help my memories along by putting one of her gorgeously revamped kits into the store this week, "Luck of the Irish".  This is another kit of hers with elegant looking metal elements, a gorgeous shade of green, Irish signs, flowers and of course, shamrocks galore.  See it in action in the tag below.

Once I played with Carita's kit I wanted to keep playing with my Irish tubes, so I dug through my stash of Dee's kits and opened up "Cliodnha", her St. Patrick's Day kit from 2015.  Oh this kit is lush,  and has so many breathtaking Irish elements in it.  When I saw the paper that I've used in the desktop, I just knew this was what I had to make for this week, though I did make Dee a tag as well.

Download your desktop HERE & enjoy it.

And don't forget, you can now buy your raffles in the store to help Mirella HERE.
It is extremely important that you read the directions on that page about how to purchase them ok?  The whole page!!  Besides, you'll surely want to see some of the amazing prizes that are being raffled off also on the page.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Masked Monday with a snag.......

Oh yeah, it's on baby.  It is so on right now that my knees are shaking!!

The Here 4 You Raffle is what's on, and I'm hoping I win something so badly!!  hehe.  Have you seen the list of prizes on Facebook you could win??  Check it out HERE in the Dees'Sign Depot shop and you'll be shaking too!  Read through the generosity in this community of ours, that - let's face it - we spend alot of time bitching and reading drama about.  Then something like this comes along, and we all huddle together to support one of our own.  I guess that makes us human, huh?
And when this is done, then we still have the enormous collab coming on March 7th - and you think I'm excited NOW??  You're all going to scream when you see what's in it.  I can't tell you, but you're gonna lerveeeeeee it.

Look at my new pretty snag for you featuring Carita Creationz gorgeous kit 
I've only used a handful of elements in this tag, and it's already great.  I just love that octopus.  This kit could very easily be used in your summertime tags because of all of it's great beach elements - but it's snowing right now for me and I couldn't go there yet ;).  Follow the link in the title up there to check it out, and feel free to snag this if you'd like.

It's Masked Monday, and here are your masks for today.  Download them HERE and enjoy!!

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