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Friday, March 25, 2016

Cutie Cluster & show off

Today marks a week since the "Robin's Egg Blue Contest" began, and I've been getting some pretty swee-eet entries so far.  It's so fun to see all of your different ideas on how to use this kit.  There are 8 days left in the contest still so be sure you and your friends get your entries in before the April 1st deadline.

Someone did ask me a good question that others may be wondering about as well, so I want to share it.  She already had bought the collab for herself, and was wondering if she could win it and give it to her friend.  The answer is yes, and no.  Yes, she can surely be have the H2H Collab win go to her friend, but I have to be the one to purchase the GC for the kit in her friends name, not the actual winner of the prize. Otherwise it would be an act of piracy - you can't share your purchased scrap kits with friends after all.  So even if you've already got the Collab you can still play and win, and then be a "Kit Fairy" for someone else!  

Carita Creationz has just released another gorgeous kit

Look at those colors!!!  I know Spring just started, but man, if this kit doesn't have me drooling for Summer days at the beach and beyond - and mermaids. The elements are so rich and elegant, I would imagine a very fancy mermaid would love to collect all of the shiny objects in this kit.  You feel like you can almost touch them thanks to Carita's attention for detail in her work. Everything about this kit is simply stunning and unique, and would make a great addition to your stash.

Here's my take on it, my animation skills took a vacation this week, because I would have loved to have everything in this tag swaying with the current.  Pretty pretty pretty. :)
And it's on sale right now HERE in the shop.  Feel free to snag this, but don't change it in anyway.

My grandson Angus, who lives on the other side of the world from me, turned 2 on the first day of Spring.  His Mum and Dad made him an adorable art table for his room so he's been spending his days drawing and painting the flowers in his garden. Indeed he has his own mini garden next to daddy's big garden and loves to "work" in it with his mini tools from his very own mini tool shed.   The color purple is very funny to him for some odd, 2yr old reason, everytime he picks up that crayon he giggles like only he can. :)  You can thank him for today's silly little freebie. 

Download HERE and enjoy!


Crystalnva said...

Happy Easter ....THANK YOU :)

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