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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Desktops, Snags and Show-offs (oh my!)

I have some lovelies for you today compliments of Carita Creationz newest Spring kit, 

...oh and it IS just that.  This is one of her older kits that she's updated to be as fresh as the glorious colors it's created with.  I love vivid pastels, and Carita has added a deeper hue to all of our favorites for Spring.  This kit could be used for Easter, but also for any tags where you're looking for flowers aplenty to decorate it with.  I love how the little white flowers
I placed along the top tie in with this lovely tube.

I made you a snag set to use during this season in your favorite forums.
I hope you enjoy them!


In true Squirrely fashion, I made this tag awhile ago and never put it here on my blog. Grrrr
A bit ago Carita released an amazing Steampunk kit,
I was able to doll it up for Easter though, nothing wrong with a Steampunk Bunny, is there??  I loved working with this great kit because she's found some very unique embellies for it, and the fact that it's the usual punky colors with blue added.  A nice, bright robin's egg blue no less.  
Thanks to Simone as always for her FTU steam animations.
Feel free to snag this one as well if you'd like.

Dee also has a new glorious Spring/Easter kit that is
for sure.  And, as she's been doing lately, she's also offering a set of 
To finish off the set, she also offers it all "Bundled" at a great savings for us.
Just click on the previews to make them bigger.  It's an adorable kit for Easter, or you can use just the abundance of flowers and other embellies as I did in my show off tag below.


Dee also has a beautiful kit from last Spring that I had a play with , "Reverie".
As you can see it's a lovely lavender shaded kit with a whimsical nature.

I've had this cutie tube from Sheena Pike which I just love for some time now, and her tubes take
a different approach to tagging than I'm used to, in my humble opinion anyway.  This kit was the answer, with it's dreamy design and touch of shabby chic'ness.  Hydrangeas (along with Daisies and Lilacs) are my favorite flowers, so I made a sort of artsy display in the shadow box in the kit.  I was so pleased with end result, I made us all desktops with the original tag.

Download your free Desktop HERE & enjoy!

offered in all of the popular sizes for monitors - 1920x1080, 1600x900, 1440 x 900, 1366x768 

Stop back on Freebie Friday for something I think you're gonna really enjoy :).


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