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I love to share what I make with you, and I LOVE it when you respond with love back for the shares. So have a look around, take what you like and enjoy yourself. Just watch for splinters.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm late....I'm late....

Sorry I'm late getting my Mask Monday post done. I fell asleep Sunday night early without posting it, and yesterday was my monthly doctor day - always such fun - and I was beat when I got home.  But we (the masks and I) are here now and I've got some show-offs as well. :) 

Oh. My. Gawd.
Have you been able to buy the gynormous
"Here 2 Help" collab kit?

Well let me tell you my friends, I've finally unpacked mine and I've got around 110 FOLDERS
of tagging goodness.  I've been in the tagging community on and off for almost 20 years, and I have NEVER seen anything the likes of this before.  The scrap kits are gorgeous with every color of the rainbow represented.  Tubes?...oh dear, there are some stunners in here from alot of your favorite artists.  If you like clusters, well you're set for a long, long time if you do lol.  There are even some pretty groovy masks from your favorite Squirrel, that will never be released except in this kit.

If you're the type of woman (or man) that feels guilty spending that amount of money on your hobby, well figure it this way.  It works out to less than $.20 per folder of goodies!!
And you'll be helping that beautiful woman in photo above.  As of 2 days ago, we've raised over $3000 for her medical bills.  I am so, SO honored to have been a part of this undertaking - in which I really did so little compared to the other amazing team members, 
Dee, Sylvie, Allison, Alex, Jessica, Cat, & Carita.

Here are two tags I've made so far with kits from the Collab.  The first is with Dee's portion, and with one of my masks from the collab

And then Carita's positively pinked portion ;).  Feel free to snag the tag if you like, just don't change it in any way please.

Two additional tags I've made using Dee's store kits are these lovelies.

Zalig-Pasen - a collab between Dee and Chichi Designs

And Dee's ever stunning Josee kit

And finally, here are this week's masks for you.  I hope you enjoy them

Download HERE & have a great week!!


Thank you so much Squirrely!

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