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I love to share what I make with you, and I LOVE it when you respond with love back for the shares. So have a look around, take what you like and enjoy yourself. Just watch for splinters.

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Monday, April 25, 2016


This is a very difficult post for me, not because I'm ashamed or embarrassed of this, but I don't like to be a "Debbie Downer", and this, is definitely a downer post for me.

I've realized recently that long past symptoms of an anxiety disorder I've been treated for since the 
late 90's have reared it's ugly head in my life once again. It's agoraphobia, which is the inability to process what is a genuine threat to oneself and what is not. People that suffer from this disorder find it increasingly difficult - and then impossible - to leave their own house without intense anxiety taking grip of your body. Anyone suffering from a severe anxiety disorder knows what THAT delightful feeling is - heart pounding out of your chest, profuse sweating, pinpoint pupils and sheer terror of the imagined unknown.

Ironically this disorder is how I found tagging in the first place. People I could talk to without leaving my house - yippy! Unfortunately, this particular manifestation for me has extended to my online life. I'm finding it impossible to interact in my favorite forum anymore, and now Facebook is becoming more and more difficult for me to be on as well. That doesn't really leave alot left to do with tagging, does it? 

I've begun treatment from a friend of my daughter who's a wonderful therapist, and enough of a friend to come to my house for sessions. I know it will take awhile for the reasons for this latest outbreak to surface from my subconscious, but I hope not too long. I've already missed 2 of my grandkids school plays, many family celebrations and my daily bike ride with my furbabies is nothing but a fond memory for me.

So for all of these reason it's time I take a break from tagging and creating for my blog. I'm utterly useless to Carita and Dee as a CT member right now, and I take those responsibilities too seriously to continue for now. FOR NOW!!! I'm shouting it because it's my plan to return sooner rather than later. I've got new tubes, for God's sake, that I've never even used yet haha.

I have a renewed interest in digi-scrapping again, which is the one silver lining I can grab onto right now. I've made albums in the past of all my kids and grandkids, but before now hadn't even begun one for my little Aussie grandson who just turned 2. He's such a delight to scrap too because the kid cannot take a bad picture. ;) I will miss you all, and I mean that....and please wish me - quite literally - well.
Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wallpaper Wednesday

Carita Creationz has released a newly re-vamped kit,
"My Everything"

This kit was created with many different shades of gold and is completely sumptuous.  It has a vintage feel to it, yet is thoroughly trendy for the tags so many of us enjoy creating.  There are several gorgeous flowers, feathers and metal ornaments that will keep you tagging with it over and over.

I had so much fun making my tag, I had to turn it into this week's FTU desktop for you.

You can download it HERE in all of the popular desktop sizes.
I hope you enjoy it!
Monday, April 11, 2016

Masked Monday with Show-offs

Happy Monday everyone!  It's time for a few new masks, but first...

Carita has released an absolutely lovely kit recently, 

Carita has given this kit such a gorgeous shades of sea-foam green (is it still called that?) coupled with a soft gold, even the metals.  You can make the softest and sweetest tags with this enchanting kit, the elements are sublime and the flowers appear to be created with air. This would be a lovely vintage kit, but as you can see I used it for a fantasy like tag.  It's simply a beautiful, versatile kit. 
Feel free to snag my tag example.

Dee has released a new kit as well (YAY!!) and it's jaw-droppingly beautiful.  Not only
a full kit, but also a cluster frame pack, a cluster pack and then she's bundled it for savings.
Click the previews to enlarge.


This precious kit is equally soft and serene, and coupled with the lavender purple of lilacs, well I feel like I died and went to heaven.  Lilacs are my favorite flowers, and Dee has included such lush branches of them.  This is a wonderful Earth Day or nature kit , with the emphasis being on the natural beauty all around us.

In this tag I used one of the clusters and the main kit.  I didn't use a mask here, that's a stamp included in the kit - remarkable.

I went square shaped for today's masks.  I hope you enjoy using them.

Download HERE and have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wallpaper Wednesday & Snags 4U

I awoke this morning to the second day of below freezing temperatures, which followed 3 days at least of hurricane force gusting winds and rain.  My yard is filled with broken tree branches & debris from God knows where, and all of my daffodils and tulips - already late in blooming - are shriveled and dead on the ground.  And it's April - W.T.F.?  
Carita has released an incredible vintage kit
"Attic Treasures"
It's really a lovely kit with realistic elements such as a typewriter, sewing machine, old time bobbins, furniture, baby buggy and teakettles.  Even the flowers in it look like they're from another era, which is silly but that is the talent of Carita.  There are mere hints of lavender throughout this beauty, the rest is reminiscent of the colors you'd find in antique shoppes, without the drabness.  I made some snags with it for you that I hope you enjoy!

As I sit here awaiting for the REAL Spring to blanket my world, of course I think ahead to hot, sunny days and Summertime.  Dee has a real-beach-y themed kit,

that I just adore and had to make this week's desktop with it. The kit has everything in it that you'd want with you for a romantic picnic in the sand, such as a picnic basket & wine, a pearl found in an oyster, swaying, tall cat-tails, and lovely colored shells that are quite different than most kits.  There are 9 gorgeously different frames and yummy, yummy papers.  So which do I use? The white one lol.  With the scene I made this palm tree paper worked the best, I think my cluster looks a bit like an island sitting there.  It really looks fantastic on m monitor.

Download the desktops HERE for all of the popular size monitor sizes.
I hope you enjoy them!

I found this tag I made last year for Dee in a forum, which gives you more of a look at the fun goodies in this great kit.  FYI, I made that little jumping fishy animation myself.  Probably took me a week or so lol.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

♥ Contest Winners ♥ & snags

I'm sorry I couldn't get this posted this morning, but we are having some wicked winds 
here in NY and I had no internet connection.  We have an elderly man that lives next 
door to us who has a few dead trees, and one of them blew down onto his house!! 
Thankfully he's in the hospital, which is odd to say, but the tree is now sitting in his 
bedroom on the 2nd floor. I shudder to think if he had been at home.  
The fire and police departments have been there all day.

Before I get to the contest winners, I'd like to share with you a snag I've made using Carita Creationz new kit, "Shining Bright".  This kit is FREE at Dees'Sign Depot with a $6.00 purchase!! 

For a FWP kit, this one is a real stunner with it's jewel tones of teal, pink, & purple.  I can also
see this used as a Steampunk kit thanks to the funky background papers and some vintage looking elements.
I went for pure fantasy though - it's an extremely versatile & fun kit.
You can also purchase it outright if you'd prefer.
Click on it to make it larger and then right click to save.

Everyone seems to be in love with Dee's bundled kits, so she's added a few more to the shop.
Birthday Cheer, Color My World, Dead of Night, and Puddle Jump.
If you already have any of these kits, you can indeed purchase the clusters separately.



I made this snag for you all using Dee's "Color My World" Cluster Frames and Cluster Pack.
Click on it to make it larger and then right click to save.

Robin's Egg Blue Contest Winners

I received SO many lovely entries, and I thank you one and all for taking part in this contest with me, and for giving me a fun way to further help Mirella along.  The proceeds of the purchases for 1st and 2nd prizes will be donated directly to her, minus paypal fees, which is like 30 cents.

Again I want to thank the H2H Collab Team for helping me with this tough, tough decision, DeeSylvieAllisonAlex, JessicaCat, & Carita.

1st place............♥ Bev ♥
Bev wins the gigantic Here2Help collab kit.  Bev I will be emailing you your GC in the morning.

2nd place.............♥ Vesta ♥
Vesta wins 4 Thalaris kits sold at Dees'Sign Depot.  Vesta I will email you 
your prize GC in the morning.

3rd place....................♥ Reina ♥
Reina wins a GC for a kit of Dee's at Dees"Sign Depot Store
Reina I will email you your GC in the morning as well.

And as promised, I put a number to everyone's name that didn't win a prize already, and entered those numbers at Random.Org
1. Sandra           
2. Jasone
3. Marie              
4. Mary Anne 
5. Roelanda
6. Melanie    
7. Lori
8. Gehilda
9. Roelanda 2 (Roelanda entered twice)
10. Neeltje
11. Brandee
12. Jennifer
13. LaSmiley      
14. Dark    
15. Linda  
Congratulations to Melanie, who wins a tube of her choice from the store of her choice.
I will contact you too Melanie in the morning.

Well that was all a nice bit of fun this month, wasn't it?  I'll keep creating, and from time to time I'll host more challenges like this one.  Again I think everyone who entered for showing me how my designs look in the hands of talented taggers. :)

Friday, April 1, 2016

FTU Spring kit & Masks 4U ;)

I've alot to tell you today, but first....isn't my new blog design gorgeous??
Dina of Sweet Temptations did it for me, using the gorgeous kit "Just Ducky" that
Dee contributed to the Here2Help Collab kit.  I adore these colors, and want to thank
Dina once again for putting up with a crazy Squirrel for a few months ;).

Carita has just released an amazing wedding/anniversary themed kit, 

"Forever And A Day".  

The color palette is simply delicious, and she's grunged up the papers & some elements just enough for it to qualify as shabby chic IMHO. The kit can be used, however, for any type of tag you want to make as there are a few wedding specific elements but certainly not all of them. The entire kit just flows together so effortlessly, tags will practically create themselves.

I also had a play with one of Dee's older kits,

"It's A Spring Thing"

This kit is one of my all time favorite "Dees" because it embodies all of the designing qualities that she's known for - realistic elements, extraordinary colors and a very particular attention to detail.  I know, hero worship much, Squirrely?  And I admit it completely, as an amateur designer I admire Dee's talents 100%.  But anyway, here is my show off tag using this lovely, brightly colored kit.

Today is the final day to enter my "Robin's Egg Blue" Contest
so get your entries in by midnight EST tonight!!
If you've missed this, go to this post HERE where it you can read all about it and snag this FTU kit.

Here's what you could win - 

1st place............The Here2Help collab kit - a $20 value.
(if you already own the kit, then you'll win a $20 GC to Dees'Sign Depot
This sale of this kit will be donated to Mirella after Paypal costs)
2nd place.............4 Thalaris kits sold at Dees'Sign Depot
(The proceeds from this sale will also be donated to Mirella per Thalaris)
3rd place....................Any 1 kit sold at Dees'Sign Depot

Dee has announced the FINAL DAY for being able to purchase the Here2Help Collab kit is
April 7th
To read more about the collab, head HERE

I'm very excited to tell you that this month I was able to contribute to the Creative Misfits blog with both a set of Spring masks and a brand new FTU kit, "Spring Days". All yours for the snagging!!

You will find the masks HERE.

You can find this "Spring Days" HERE, along with a bunch of other goodies to snag.
I'd love to know what you think of it, and be sure to leave some love over there!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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