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Sunday, April 3, 2016

♥ Contest Winners ♥ & snags

I'm sorry I couldn't get this posted this morning, but we are having some wicked winds 
here in NY and I had no internet connection.  We have an elderly man that lives next 
door to us who has a few dead trees, and one of them blew down onto his house!! 
Thankfully he's in the hospital, which is odd to say, but the tree is now sitting in his 
bedroom on the 2nd floor. I shudder to think if he had been at home.  
The fire and police departments have been there all day.

Before I get to the contest winners, I'd like to share with you a snag I've made using Carita Creationz new kit, "Shining Bright".  This kit is FREE at Dees'Sign Depot with a $6.00 purchase!! 

For a FWP kit, this one is a real stunner with it's jewel tones of teal, pink, & purple.  I can also
see this used as a Steampunk kit thanks to the funky background papers and some vintage looking elements.
I went for pure fantasy though - it's an extremely versatile & fun kit.
You can also purchase it outright if you'd prefer.
Click on it to make it larger and then right click to save.

Everyone seems to be in love with Dee's bundled kits, so she's added a few more to the shop.
Birthday Cheer, Color My World, Dead of Night, and Puddle Jump.
If you already have any of these kits, you can indeed purchase the clusters separately.



I made this snag for you all using Dee's "Color My World" Cluster Frames and Cluster Pack.
Click on it to make it larger and then right click to save.

Robin's Egg Blue Contest Winners

I received SO many lovely entries, and I thank you one and all for taking part in this contest with me, and for giving me a fun way to further help Mirella along.  The proceeds of the purchases for 1st and 2nd prizes will be donated directly to her, minus paypal fees, which is like 30 cents.

Again I want to thank the H2H Collab Team for helping me with this tough, tough decision, DeeSylvieAllisonAlex, JessicaCat, & Carita.

1st place............♥ Bev ♥
Bev wins the gigantic Here2Help collab kit.  Bev I will be emailing you your GC in the morning.

2nd place.............♥ Vesta ♥
Vesta wins 4 Thalaris kits sold at Dees'Sign Depot.  Vesta I will email you 
your prize GC in the morning.

3rd place....................♥ Reina ♥
Reina wins a GC for a kit of Dee's at Dees"Sign Depot Store
Reina I will email you your GC in the morning as well.

And as promised, I put a number to everyone's name that didn't win a prize already, and entered those numbers at Random.Org
1. Sandra           
2. Jasone
3. Marie              
4. Mary Anne 
5. Roelanda
6. Melanie    
7. Lori
8. Gehilda
9. Roelanda 2 (Roelanda entered twice)
10. Neeltje
11. Brandee
12. Jennifer
13. LaSmiley      
14. Dark    
15. Linda  
Congratulations to Melanie, who wins a tube of her choice from the store of her choice.
I will contact you too Melanie in the morning.

Well that was all a nice bit of fun this month, wasn't it?  I'll keep creating, and from time to time I'll host more challenges like this one.  Again I think everyone who entered for showing me how my designs look in the hands of talented taggers. :)


So Awesome !!!! Thank you !! and Congrats to all the other winners :) The kit you gave to work with is so pretty I hope to use it again and again for spring and other tags :D

Congratulations to all the winners!!!
Thank you again for allowing us to play with this Fabulous kit!

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