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Monday, April 25, 2016


This is a very difficult post for me, not because I'm ashamed or embarrassed of this, but I don't like to be a "Debbie Downer", and this, is definitely a downer post for me.

I've realized recently that long past symptoms of an anxiety disorder I've been treated for since the 
late 90's have reared it's ugly head in my life once again. It's agoraphobia, which is the inability to process what is a genuine threat to oneself and what is not. People that suffer from this disorder find it increasingly difficult - and then impossible - to leave their own house without intense anxiety taking grip of your body. Anyone suffering from a severe anxiety disorder knows what THAT delightful feeling is - heart pounding out of your chest, profuse sweating, pinpoint pupils and sheer terror of the imagined unknown.

Ironically this disorder is how I found tagging in the first place. People I could talk to without leaving my house - yippy! Unfortunately, this particular manifestation for me has extended to my online life. I'm finding it impossible to interact in my favorite forum anymore, and now Facebook is becoming more and more difficult for me to be on as well. That doesn't really leave alot left to do with tagging, does it? 

I've begun treatment from a friend of my daughter who's a wonderful therapist, and enough of a friend to come to my house for sessions. I know it will take awhile for the reasons for this latest outbreak to surface from my subconscious, but I hope not too long. I've already missed 2 of my grandkids school plays, many family celebrations and my daily bike ride with my furbabies is nothing but a fond memory for me.

So for all of these reason it's time I take a break from tagging and creating for my blog. I'm utterly useless to Carita and Dee as a CT member right now, and I take those responsibilities too seriously to continue for now. FOR NOW!!! I'm shouting it because it's my plan to return sooner rather than later. I've got new tubes, for God's sake, that I've never even used yet haha.

I have a renewed interest in digi-scrapping again, which is the one silver lining I can grab onto right now. I've made albums in the past of all my kids and grandkids, but before now hadn't even begun one for my little Aussie grandson who just turned 2. He's such a delight to scrap too because the kid cannot take a bad picture. ;) I will miss you all, and I mean that....and please wish me - quite literally - well.


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