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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wallpaper Wednesday & Snags 4U

I awoke this morning to the second day of below freezing temperatures, which followed 3 days at least of hurricane force gusting winds and rain.  My yard is filled with broken tree branches & debris from God knows where, and all of my daffodils and tulips - already late in blooming - are shriveled and dead on the ground.  And it's April - W.T.F.?  
Carita has released an incredible vintage kit
"Attic Treasures"
It's really a lovely kit with realistic elements such as a typewriter, sewing machine, old time bobbins, furniture, baby buggy and teakettles.  Even the flowers in it look like they're from another era, which is silly but that is the talent of Carita.  There are mere hints of lavender throughout this beauty, the rest is reminiscent of the colors you'd find in antique shoppes, without the drabness.  I made some snags with it for you that I hope you enjoy!

As I sit here awaiting for the REAL Spring to blanket my world, of course I think ahead to hot, sunny days and Summertime.  Dee has a real-beach-y themed kit,

that I just adore and had to make this week's desktop with it. The kit has everything in it that you'd want with you for a romantic picnic in the sand, such as a picnic basket & wine, a pearl found in an oyster, swaying, tall cat-tails, and lovely colored shells that are quite different than most kits.  There are 9 gorgeously different frames and yummy, yummy papers.  So which do I use? The white one lol.  With the scene I made this palm tree paper worked the best, I think my cluster looks a bit like an island sitting there.  It really looks fantastic on m monitor.

Download the desktops HERE for all of the popular size monitor sizes.
I hope you enjoy them!

I found this tag I made last year for Dee in a forum, which gives you more of a look at the fun goodies in this great kit.  FYI, I made that little jumping fishy animation myself.  Probably took me a week or so lol.


The Seaside kit is amazing. I love the desk top created using it. Thank you for posting and all of your creations.

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